Monday, August 29, 2011

Paper Airplanes!

Today, we made paper airplanes and had a little contest to see which one could fly the farthest.  Mine kept landing in the bushes and Easton cared more about playing basketball then flying a plane.  Needless to say, Parker won. 

Here is the little champ, getting ready to launch his striped "fighter jet".

Here is little Easton enjoying the basket ball. 

And in case you noticed, both boys are indeed wearing their favorite shirts...again!  I think I have at least 3 posts with them wearing these shirts.  Boys will be boys, I guess.  They love those characters!  Oh, and they both are missing the ever important pair of shorts!  Playing in your undies never hurt anyone :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Now that the weather has cooled off just a little, we have been taking the boys out for bike rides at the park.  I have posted about this once before, but today I actually took pictures.  I am always impressed with just how many parks with bike paths Sumner county has.  It really is such a family friendly place!

The great thing about this path is that it is right next to the lake.

We also played at the park a little. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

 Every morning I most often get to enjoy a good ole cup of coffee.  Only lately, a problem has developed!  My boys are starting to hog my whole cup!  Parker and Easton both like to play tea party with a little glass tea set I have, but instead of using tea, they use my coffee!  This wasn't a big deal when I made a whole pot, but now I have the little K cups that don't leave any room for sharing!  Those K cups are expensive, too!  Oh, well! I guess I have some true little Colombians.  I guess they can each have 1/4 cup of coffee for the 1/4 Colombian blood they have!

On a different note....We have had a few new developments and a couple of rough days.  Easton has had the Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  Yucky!  Poor little thing has blisters on all of the above!  They are getting much better, but caused him a lot of pain at first.  He wouldn't eat or anything.  Poor thing.  Luckily Parker and I had both already caught a mild case of it 2 yrs ago and should be immune to it this time around. 

      Parker just went to the dentist.  He said that Parker's teeth looked great, but he was starting to have a little separation and recommended that he stop sucking on his blanky.  Luckily, (thanks to Steven) we had been thinking about taking it away during the daytime hours anyways.  So...starting on Sunday, we have only been letting him have it at nap time and during the night.  The first few days were very difficult!  On Monday, I let him have it for his nap and told him that once he got up, he would have to put it away till night time.  He said okay and I thought everything went well.  So at about 2 hrs into the nap, I check on him.  He was still mildly asleep.  I assume that he would be up and about within 30 minutes or so. 1 1/2 later I walk in the room and as I open the door he points his finger as he yells, "I'm not done yet!".  Who knows how long he had been awake and just enjoying his blanket!  Probably at least an hr.  It is odd that he was napping for so long, but he had also been feeling a little under the weather.  I thought that maybe he needed the extra sleep!  Apparently, he just needed the extra time with dear blanky!  He has done so well today though!  We are definitely moving in the right direction! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Water Babies!!!

Ok...So these pictures look a little funny!  It looks like we are swimming in the middle of Fall!  The spot in our yard that has a little slope for the slip and slide, is also the spot that has all the dead grass! There is a River Birch tree that hangs overhead as well.  It is also a little thirsty and is losing some of its leaves!  Oh...this was an unexpected water day, so yes, the boys are in their regular clothes.
Fun on the Slip and Slide...

So...I then decided to have us put on our actual swim suits for the pictures below!

Here is little Easton taking a juice box break...

while Parker does some tricks on the water slide!

For some reason, he reminds me of Jude Law here!

So Easton decides that he wants to play and take a juice break at the same time!

Here he is looking for Scooter...and eating a cookie!  He is such a little multi-tasker!

Watch OUT!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Start Your Engines!!!

Steven decided that he wanted to make a race track out of a pizza box with the boys tonight. 

Here is the finished project...complete with a finish line and a ramp.  Oh...and you will notice that the track is located right by the river!

Working hard on the design!

I love how sweetly he is looking up to his Daddy!

My 3 boys hard at PLAY!!!
What a great, fun idea Daddy!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time to Floss!!!

Parker and I both had dentist appointments today, and I am proud to say that neither of us had any cavities.  This is not such a big deal for Parker who has not had any cavities so far, but is an outstanding thing for me.  As most of you know, I had to have false teeth (courtesy of my Dad's dental work) for a while bc my four front teeth were so weak that they had to be pulled.  I have always seemed to struggle with cavities, and the fact that I am not willing at all to give up coffee or coke does not help the situation.   Anyways...Parker was soooo good today and quite oddly likes going to the dentist.  He made the hygienist and myself laugh the whole time.  Which was also not an easy thing for me seeing as how I had tools in my mouth half of the time!
The picture above is of Parker waiting very patiently for our turn.  Kids love those toys!
Ready to get those teeth cleaned!  The hygienist gave him some sunglasses so that the light wouldn't be shining right in his eyes!

The cleaning has begun and he is doing great!

Taking a break to take a look at the paparazzi!

Time to floss!

Final check by the dentist!  Yea!!! No cavities! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nonna and Papa's House

Steven cuts my parents yard usually every Tuesday afternoon.  It is a pretty good little drive from Hendersonville, but is actually closer to Steven's work.  So...we usually stay the night out in good old Ashland City on the same day.  It just cuts down on Steven's time away from the family and also allows the kids to see their Nonna and Papa, Aunt Rachel, (and their pool) on a regular basis.  We did go swimming today, but Steven was still at work.  So, I couldn't of course take any pictures and handle to boys in the pool.  Here are some pictures though, of some other fun things the boys did there. 

The boys enjoyed taking a ride in their truck!

 They enjoyed playing a little bit of golf!

They ran around in their diaper an underwear!

Then we all enjoyed a good dinner at Riverview Restaurant.  We didn't stay the night tonight, bc I stupidly left my keys in Steven's truck last night.  Rachel had to pick me up from our house to even be able to go to Ashland City today.  That of course meant that I wouldn't have had a car in the morning.  We had also planned on watching Rio with Aunt Rachel, but time got away and we didn't get to.  Oh well!  Maybe next time.  Before heading to my Mom and Dad's place, Aunt Rachel and the boys and I went to Sam's for lunch and then to Barnes and Noble.  She picked out a few good books, and the boys played on the train table.  The boys always enjoy that! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Simple Joy of Riding a Bike

Today started off very challenging to say the least!  I went grocery shopping with the boys like usual, but there behavior was way out of their norm.  I was today, the mother of two crazy kids standing in the Publix line.   Parker was hitting Easton.  Easton was crying and trying to Houdini his way out of his seat belt on the cart.  I'm trying to pay and utilize all of my coupons, keep a friendly conversation with the lady behind me, and keep the cart organized for the bagger.  All while I am doing my best to keep the kids from having a fist fight and a major meltdown.  I felt pulled in a 100 different directions!  But...I did get it all done...without any injuries...and I managed to spend $92 and save $88.  Couponing is great!  I am so proud of my stash of extra food.  I feel like a bear gathering food for the winter!  I am going to try to stock up as much as I can, so that when my NES bill gets high, at least my grocery bill will be low. 

 Anyways...Steven didn't have any yards to cut after work.  We ate dinner together, and then headed to the park for a bike ride.  Parker borrowed a big boy bike from his Ada and Nana.  It was the first time he rode a real bike, and yet he looked like he knew exactly what to do.  We rode for a while and then headed to the creek to play.  We go to this park a lot, and we often play in the creek and throw rocks into the water from the "lost bridge".  (Don't ask me why Parker named the bridge that)  Today though, another couple and their kid spotted a cotton-mouth snake down a few feet from us.  So let's just say we didn't stay in the creek for long!  We rode bike a little more and then went to the playground area to let the boys play for a while.  They had so much fun!  It was so great to have Steven with us, too!  Of course though, I forgot to get my SD card out of the computer and put it back in my camera, so there are no pics of our fun for the day!  Sorry!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wilson County Fair

I somehow got extremely lucky today, and did not have any patients to see.  Steven had a few yards to cut this morning, but was done by 11:30.  We had the whole afternoon to do whatever we wanted together!  Yea!!! We decided to take advantage of this unusual occurence and spend our Saturday the Wilson County Fair!
We all had so much fun, but there really wasn't much for little Easton to do.  This was the only ride that he was big enough for! 
He had lots of fun as you can see by his expression!
They had a very nice tractor exhibit! 

 They had a few animals to see, too!  Parker rode this miniature donkey...for $5!!!  Easton was yet again, to small for this ride! :(

 Parker played a dart game and knocked out 3 balloons! 

 Way to go Parker!

Playing against Daddy!

 Parker loved this ride!  Can you believe Easton was still too small for this ride, too?

Here he is, just wishing he was a few inches taller.  He wanted to ride those 4wheelers so badly!!! 


Parker got a little car painted on his cheek. This was even for free!

This was a great way to spend the day!  So glad we went.  It was a little expensive, and a little hot, but it is always nice doing something unusual!  There were quite a few rides that were still to big for both of the boys!  We are excited to go back next yr when both boys are able to do just a little bit more! 

Now we are off to take another bath and then to bed for a family movie!  After we get done watching House Hunters of course! :)