Sunday, August 7, 2011

Backyard Burger and Friends!!!

We are very lucky to have a great group of people from our church that we meet with regularly.  During the summer months we usually just have a casual get-together for some good food and good company!  Today's plans were initially to go swimming, but the weather was not on our side. to Backyard Burger we went!  The kids didn't mind the change of plans at all, and their screams of laughter made it clear that they were having a GREAT time!!! 

Easton was such a big boy, and was climbing up the windy shelf-like steps inside the treehouse all on his own.  I must admit, for once, I was a little nervous!  He really did great though!

Parker was such a BIG help with Easton today!  He played so well with him, and made sure that he was staying safe.  Which was great bc I could not fit into that crazy treehouse easily!  The boys really are starting to have so much fun together! 

Another picture of little Easton!  It was hard to get any of Parker because he was hidden in the treehouse most of the time!



Parker and Boston

                                                     London posing     


Parker and his big evil looking smile!

Everyone eating


We really did have such a wonderful time!  It got even better for the moms when we got to come out of the LOUD, crazy, enclosed play room and sit in the peace and quiet! "Tag" Dads!  "Your It!"  Taking turns is such a great thing!  Especially when it comes to watching the kids! 

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