Thursday, August 4, 2011

Edible necklaces!

Easton's pick was to..."make an edible necklace!"  I knew Easton would love this activty because of his love for food! 
We had some Cheerios and Apple Jacks cereal to use for the beads.

Here they are just about to get started!

Perhaps Easton likes food too much to enjoy this activity! 

 He wouldn't let me even get more than 2 "beads" on his string before he would eat them right off! 

I was planning on only helping the kids make their necklaces, but because of Easton's desire to eat his, I had to actually make him one!  He was content to just have the cereal on the table for him to snack on! 

But...He was even happier to have his own complete necklace to snack on!

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