Friday, August 26, 2011

 Every morning I most often get to enjoy a good ole cup of coffee.  Only lately, a problem has developed!  My boys are starting to hog my whole cup!  Parker and Easton both like to play tea party with a little glass tea set I have, but instead of using tea, they use my coffee!  This wasn't a big deal when I made a whole pot, but now I have the little K cups that don't leave any room for sharing!  Those K cups are expensive, too!  Oh, well! I guess I have some true little Colombians.  I guess they can each have 1/4 cup of coffee for the 1/4 Colombian blood they have!

On a different note....We have had a few new developments and a couple of rough days.  Easton has had the Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  Yucky!  Poor little thing has blisters on all of the above!  They are getting much better, but caused him a lot of pain at first.  He wouldn't eat or anything.  Poor thing.  Luckily Parker and I had both already caught a mild case of it 2 yrs ago and should be immune to it this time around. 

      Parker just went to the dentist.  He said that Parker's teeth looked great, but he was starting to have a little separation and recommended that he stop sucking on his blanky.  Luckily, (thanks to Steven) we had been thinking about taking it away during the daytime hours anyways.  So...starting on Sunday, we have only been letting him have it at nap time and during the night.  The first few days were very difficult!  On Monday, I let him have it for his nap and told him that once he got up, he would have to put it away till night time.  He said okay and I thought everything went well.  So at about 2 hrs into the nap, I check on him.  He was still mildly asleep.  I assume that he would be up and about within 30 minutes or so. 1 1/2 later I walk in the room and as I open the door he points his finger as he yells, "I'm not done yet!".  Who knows how long he had been awake and just enjoying his blanket!  Probably at least an hr.  It is odd that he was napping for so long, but he had also been feeling a little under the weather.  I thought that maybe he needed the extra sleep!  Apparently, he just needed the extra time with dear blanky!  He has done so well today though!  We are definitely moving in the right direction! 

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