Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mr. Brown Bear's Birthday Party...

Motivation is such a wonderful gift and I absolutely love it when I have it!  It too often leaves me!  Especially with this heat!   I was thinking the other day about how lucky I am to have this opportunity to stay home with my kids 5 whole days a week, and yet with every passing day, I don't feel like I even really spent any quality time with them.  I have been so worried about the house being clean, getting all of the errands done,  keeping groceries in the house, and all of the other things us moms have to worry about, that I have not truly taken advantage of this precious time with my boys.  So...I have "turned over a new leaf", and have decided not to worry about any unexpected visitors stopping by and seeing my dirty house.  From now on...the house cleaning will be done right after I put the boys to bed!  (I have done this for a few days now, and I must say,  it is so much better!  You wake up with the house clean!  So really I have the best of both worlds! ) So...my dear friend Ashley told me about this idea she read about where you put fun activities on paper and put them in a jar.  Each day the kids can draw an activity out of the jar, and of course, they get to do that activity.  So...today, Parker drew, "Throw Mr. Brown Bear a Birthday Party"!  So that is what we did!

I forgot to mention that it was a costume party!  This is Spiderman and Mr. Brown Bear!

Easton came dressed as a little Colombian boy!  Here he is playing the Happy Birthday song!

And of course we had some Birthday cake!

We even sent out invitations...made by Parker and Easton!

Then there was a costume change!  Now entered in "The Naked Cowboy!"

We tried to get a group picture, but had some trouble fitting us all in the camera shot!  Oh...and you can't tell from this picture, but I came to the party as a Princess!  I put on an old bridesmaid dress.  Parker loved it, and made me put on some classical music.  He said that Spiderman needed to dance with the Princess!  We spent the rest of the party dancing and twirling around.  The kids loved it!  When I went to change clothes, Parker said that I could change, but that I needed to wear a dress still.  I am now wearing a pink summer dress...just for you Park Park!

So today was a blast so far!  We still have Easton's pick from the jar to do!  He picked out "play Hide and Seek".  Can't wait!

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  1. Sweet boys and what a great momma they have!