Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nonna and Papa's House

Steven cuts my parents yard usually every Tuesday afternoon.  It is a pretty good little drive from Hendersonville, but is actually closer to Steven's work.  So...we usually stay the night out in good old Ashland City on the same day.  It just cuts down on Steven's time away from the family and also allows the kids to see their Nonna and Papa, Aunt Rachel, (and their pool) on a regular basis.  We did go swimming today, but Steven was still at work.  So, I couldn't of course take any pictures and handle to boys in the pool.  Here are some pictures though, of some other fun things the boys did there. 

The boys enjoyed taking a ride in their truck!

 They enjoyed playing a little bit of golf!

They ran around in their diaper an underwear!

Then we all enjoyed a good dinner at Riverview Restaurant.  We didn't stay the night tonight, bc I stupidly left my keys in Steven's truck last night.  Rachel had to pick me up from our house to even be able to go to Ashland City today.  That of course meant that I wouldn't have had a car in the morning.  We had also planned on watching Rio with Aunt Rachel, but time got away and we didn't get to.  Oh well!  Maybe next time.  Before heading to my Mom and Dad's place, Aunt Rachel and the boys and I went to Sam's for lunch and then to Barnes and Noble.  She picked out a few good books, and the boys played on the train table.  The boys always enjoy that! 

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