Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ready! Set! Go!

Today we hung out around the house for a while so that I could muster up the energy to go outside to play.  It surprisingly was a very nice day to be outside, so I was glad that I ventured out to the park!  Being outside is so good for not only the boys, but for me, too!  The sun really does somehow just brighten our day! 
Here are the boys walking up to the playground area!  Parker really is such a great helper, and loves to show Easton the way!  Easton really looks up to Parker, and wants to always be right by his side!  So sweet!

Here is my sweet boy taking a break!  He just needed to sit for a min!  Isn't he just so pretty!

I can't believe that Parker can actually do a few monkey bars!  He is growing soooo fast!

Let's have a race!

Right before Parker started to ride his bike, he saw a girl that was on a scooter.  He walked over to her and her family and said, "See Mom! That is what I want....A scooter!"  Her mom said that she had to wait a long time to get a scooter, and that it was a present for her 6th Birthday.  They were at the park celebrating the day.  Then the mom asked Parker if he was 6, of course knowing the answer would be no.  Parker then said that he was only 3.  I then tell Parker that she is much bigger than he is, and that when he gets just a little older, he can get his desired scooter.  The little girl's mom then said, "See Parker...Your mom is so smart!"  Parker then says...
We all laughed and said that apparently all kids think they are smarter than their parents!  Crazy kid! 

Easton enjoyed picking grass as Parker played!

Parker playing in Easton's room before we left for the park.

We really did have a fun day!  I love being able to have this time with the boys.  It is truly a blessing!  I just wish that Steven could be with us to enjoy it too!  Maybe one day we will win the lottery, won't have to work, and can spend more days at the park as a whole family! Stupid bills!

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