Monday, August 15, 2011

The Simple Joy of Riding a Bike

Today started off very challenging to say the least!  I went grocery shopping with the boys like usual, but there behavior was way out of their norm.  I was today, the mother of two crazy kids standing in the Publix line.   Parker was hitting Easton.  Easton was crying and trying to Houdini his way out of his seat belt on the cart.  I'm trying to pay and utilize all of my coupons, keep a friendly conversation with the lady behind me, and keep the cart organized for the bagger.  All while I am doing my best to keep the kids from having a fist fight and a major meltdown.  I felt pulled in a 100 different directions!  But...I did get it all done...without any injuries...and I managed to spend $92 and save $88.  Couponing is great!  I am so proud of my stash of extra food.  I feel like a bear gathering food for the winter!  I am going to try to stock up as much as I can, so that when my NES bill gets high, at least my grocery bill will be low. 

 Anyways...Steven didn't have any yards to cut after work.  We ate dinner together, and then headed to the park for a bike ride.  Parker borrowed a big boy bike from his Ada and Nana.  It was the first time he rode a real bike, and yet he looked like he knew exactly what to do.  We rode for a while and then headed to the creek to play.  We go to this park a lot, and we often play in the creek and throw rocks into the water from the "lost bridge".  (Don't ask me why Parker named the bridge that)  Today though, another couple and their kid spotted a cotton-mouth snake down a few feet from us.  So let's just say we didn't stay in the creek for long!  We rode bike a little more and then went to the playground area to let the boys play for a while.  They had so much fun!  It was so great to have Steven with us, too!  Of course though, I forgot to get my SD card out of the computer and put it back in my camera, so there are no pics of our fun for the day!  Sorry!

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