Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time to Floss!!!

Parker and I both had dentist appointments today, and I am proud to say that neither of us had any cavities.  This is not such a big deal for Parker who has not had any cavities so far, but is an outstanding thing for me.  As most of you know, I had to have false teeth (courtesy of my Dad's dental work) for a while bc my four front teeth were so weak that they had to be pulled.  I have always seemed to struggle with cavities, and the fact that I am not willing at all to give up coffee or coke does not help the situation.   Anyways...Parker was soooo good today and quite oddly likes going to the dentist.  He made the hygienist and myself laugh the whole time.  Which was also not an easy thing for me seeing as how I had tools in my mouth half of the time!
The picture above is of Parker waiting very patiently for our turn.  Kids love those toys!
Ready to get those teeth cleaned!  The hygienist gave him some sunglasses so that the light wouldn't be shining right in his eyes!

The cleaning has begun and he is doing great!

Taking a break to take a look at the paparazzi!

Time to floss!

Final check by the dentist!  Yea!!! No cavities! 

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