Monday, August 8, 2011

A Walk in the Park

We got another early start to the day thanks to little Easton!  Although, I really can't complain about his sleeping habits!  He really is such a good sleeper, and usually sleeps soundly, in his own crib I might add, for at least 9-10 hours.   But...I still blame him for my coffee habit :)  Anyways...that early start led to a very productive day.  We started out with a 2.5 mile walk at the Gallatin park with my great friend Amy and her little girl Rylee.  I took Parker's little bike and he rode beside us as we walked.  He is such a little dare devil and and resembled Evil Knievel on a couple of occassions!  Little Easton is such a great stroller rider and just enjoys the scenery passing by.  After the park, we headed to Chic-fil-a for lunch.  The kids played in their play-place and had a good time as usual.  Rylee is a little timid when it comes to slides and such and we already knew what her answer would be when Parker asked her if she wanted to go down the slide.  Rylee said that she did not wanna go.  We then explained to Parker that she was a little scared.  Parker then said, "It's okay Rylee!  You will be safe in my arms!"  What a gentleman!

I wish that I would have got a picture of little Rylee!  They all really do have fun together!
After the lunch we went home and let Easton nap.  Parker and I cleaned the entire house while he slept.  ( I told you today was productive!) Parker really does enjoy helping me dust, sweep, and clean the toilets.  He hates though, to put his cars away.  It is probably the only time you will here him say that he has too many.  Anyways...He earned 4 whole quarters today!  You know what that means....Another Hot Wheels car!  After Easton woke up we did the Activity Jar, so check out the next 2 posts to see what they were.

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