Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Water Babies!!!

Ok...So these pictures look a little funny!  It looks like we are swimming in the middle of Fall!  The spot in our yard that has a little slope for the slip and slide, is also the spot that has all the dead grass! There is a River Birch tree that hangs overhead as well.  It is also a little thirsty and is losing some of its leaves!  Oh...this was an unexpected water day, so yes, the boys are in their regular clothes.
Fun on the Slip and Slide...

So...I then decided to have us put on our actual swim suits for the pictures below!

Here is little Easton taking a juice box break...

while Parker does some tricks on the water slide!

For some reason, he reminds me of Jude Law here!

So Easton decides that he wants to play and take a juice break at the same time!

Here he is looking for Scooter...and eating a cookie!  He is such a little multi-tasker!

Watch OUT!!!

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