Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feeding the ducks!

My pictures are a little repetitive, I know.  We tend to do a lot of the same things.  Parker and Easton just love doing things outside!  So...I am sorry that you have seen a thousand park pictures, but I have a few more to add.  We decided that today would be a great day to feed the ducks, and headed over to Drakes Creek this morning! 
Easton really is getting more and more independent every day!  It was kinda nice being able to just let him run around a little bit more on his own then usual! 

I then had to tackle one of the scariest things that I have had to do in a while!  Which was to....cross Main Street at lunch hour!  We pressed the button at the cross walk, and waited patiently and nervously!  Parker didn't really understand how the cars were all going to stop to let us cross.  And quite honestly, I was a little unsure of how it was going to happen myself!  But, after a few minutes, the walk sign gave us the go ahead, and we braved the busy road!  And Yes!  We made it across safely!  Now it was time to feed the ducks! 
Can you tell that Easton wanted out of his seat???

Parker was so upset that the ducks wouldn't let him pet them.  I told him that they were just scared little ducks.  Parker then said, " Momma, help me find a brave one!"  Too cute!
The weather was great again!  A little warm in the sun, but so nice in the shade! It was another great day!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Better than Working!

Well...I had booked myself to work extra today at the hospital, but got cancelled!  It would have been nice to have the extra needed money, but I must say that I think I got the better end of the deal today!  The weather was just AMAZING and basically screamed for us all to go outside!  We know these days are limited and it will soon be freezing, so we played outside for a long time!

We started out with a picnic lunch in the side yard!

We also inflated the bouncy house!

Easton is yelling..."No!" here.

Our fun activity for today was to make "people puppets".  We cut out pictures of people's faces and glued them to Popsicle sticks. 

Easton wasn't overly interested in this project.  He was happier playing with the kitchen toys.
Here is Parker saying that Daddy is home!

And finally, we put on a puppet show!  Parker made our puppet people tell the story of The Three Little Pigs!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Easton gets a haircut!

So my little booger bear has finally gotten a short little do!  I have felt that lately his hair being so long has made him look a little on the sloppy side. So.. after discussing it with Steven, we made the decision to trim it up!  I just love the way it turned out! 
We really had a lot of errands to run today!  We went to the bank, the car wash, the store, to get Easton's hair cut, to another store, had lunch at Brixx pizza with Amy, returned books to the library, and finally headed to the park!  The boys were great sports the whole day!

Here we are at the park!
Parker just had to ride through the mud puddle!

So...of course, Easton had to find a way to take his bike through the mud puddle, too!

We got to see 2 trains drive past which the boys always love!  They screamed "woo hoo" the whole time!

Then they decided that they didn't need their bikes to play in the mud puddle!  This of course meant that we drove home in our underwear!  Well...not me!  Just the boys!  Although, I did get wet from carrying Easton back to the car!

What a fun day! What a busy day!  Now, I have straightened the house and updated my blog! Time for a nap before the boys wake up from theirs!  I am putting off the toilet cleaning and working out till later!  It can wait!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cousin Sophia's Birthday Celebration!

Almost 2 years ago, Parker and his cousin Sophia were talking about how old they were.  Parker made it clear during that conversation that he did not think that anyone should be his same age.  I remember him saying, "You not two! I two!"  Well...the other day I told him that we would be celebrating Sophia's 4th Birthday this wkened. He once again got mad and said, "I'm gonna be sooo mad at her when she does that! I wanna be 4!"  I guess age is really important to him!  He must get that from his Aunt Rachel!
Today as we celebrated  I couldn't help but think about how fast time has gone by!  Sophia is really 4???  It seems like only yesterday when we made the trip down to Cleveland for the delivery of our precious, and only, little "Ellis" niece.  I was pregnant with sweet Parker and had just found out that he was going to be a girl.  That was...until they changed it a month later and said that he really was going to be a boy! Now that little boy and girl are arguing over turning FOUR!   Now, we are surrounded with so many kids that it was, in Susan's words, "like a daycare" today!  We are so blessed with such great, loving kids!  Here are some sweet pictures of the kiddos today enjoying each other and celebrating our Sophia Grace! 

And Susie...You better realize what a SWEET picture this is! 
 I LOVE it!



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Disney World I am seriously considering working like 6 days in a row, to take an unexpected second visit to Orlando!  I posted our pictures of our first trip to Disney on facebook, and have wanted to post them to the blog for a while now.  Now that I am actually doing it, it makes me want to go back so badly!  It's funny how sometimes, when you are in the middle of doing something, you don't really grasp just how much fun you are having while doing it! It isn't until you are home, or until you are looking back through your pictures that you realize the greatness of the finished vacation!  So...even though we just paid off our credit card, I am tempted to add back to it and go back to Disney for Halloween and Steven's 30th Birthday!
Do you think that would be spoiling the kids too much?  Oh...who cares!  We're going!  Here are some of the captured moments!

 Parker loved the water parks!  I think it was his favorite part!
 He and Jacob both got temporary tattoos!

The only stinky part about going in October would be missing out on these water parks!  They really were one of the best parts of our trip!

Here is little Easton, saying "I want more ice cream!"  I LOVE this picture!

Pirate Parker!

 Rainy day!

 On the tram!

Parker still lets everyone know that he has his very own driver's license that he got from Disney World!

We also went to Cocoa Beach.  We always have fun spending at least one day with our toes in the sand

As much as I hate to say it, I doubt we will be able to find the money to take 2 Disney trips in one yr!  It can be such an expensive place!  But...who knows.  Maybe I will win a scratch off lottery ticket!  I am going to call Steven right now and tell him to buy one or two of them today!  Wish us luck!