Thursday, September 8, 2011

Best of Friends!

Something amazing is happening here with our Ellis boys! They really are becoming the best of friends!  For the past week the boys have almost been glued together!  Don't get me wrong! They have had their fighting moments, but have overall just really enjoyed one another lately.  You can catch them either holding hands and running through the hallway, playing superheros together, or simultaneously riding their rocking horse.  I have heard so much laughter between those two cuties and it just makes my heart smile!  It almost makes me ready to have another little baby to add to this chaos! 

Today's fun activities were to go rock collecting and then to color together!  I didn't realize how tiny or huge (no medium sizes) and boring our rocks around our house are.  We will next time have to find better hunting grounds.  Oh well, the boys had fun and the weather was GREAT!

Here is Easton getting ready to go!

Parker wanted to collect only very big rocks!

We had also found some leaves along the way.  In the spirit of the fall weather we felt today, we made leaf pictures.
 Here is Parker's leaf.  I helped him trace it of course, but he wrote his letters all by himself!  He doesn't quite get yet though, that the letters should all be next to each other to write a word.  You can see his LEA on the top and his backwards F at the bottom.  Then his name has PARK all right, but the E is facing upwards and the R is under the first R.  He is doing great though.  Just the sweet steps of learning!  I also love how each letter varies in size!

See!  I told you that Easton only eats the crayons!

We are currently finishing up the night with a movie and popcorn! 

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