Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cousin Sophia's Birthday Celebration!

Almost 2 years ago, Parker and his cousin Sophia were talking about how old they were.  Parker made it clear during that conversation that he did not think that anyone should be his same age.  I remember him saying, "You not two! I two!"  Well...the other day I told him that we would be celebrating Sophia's 4th Birthday this wkened. He once again got mad and said, "I'm gonna be sooo mad at her when she does that! I wanna be 4!"  I guess age is really important to him!  He must get that from his Aunt Rachel!
Today as we celebrated  I couldn't help but think about how fast time has gone by!  Sophia is really 4???  It seems like only yesterday when we made the trip down to Cleveland for the delivery of our precious, and only, little "Ellis" niece.  I was pregnant with sweet Parker and had just found out that he was going to be a girl.  That was...until they changed it a month later and said that he really was going to be a boy! Now that little boy and girl are arguing over turning FOUR!   Now, we are surrounded with so many kids that it was, in Susan's words, "like a daycare" today!  We are so blessed with such great, loving kids!  Here are some sweet pictures of the kiddos today enjoying each other and celebrating our Sophia Grace! 

And Susie...You better realize what a SWEET picture this is! 
 I LOVE it!



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