Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Easton gets a haircut!

So my little booger bear has finally gotten a short little do!  I have felt that lately his hair being so long has made him look a little on the sloppy side. So.. after discussing it with Steven, we made the decision to trim it up!  I just love the way it turned out! 
We really had a lot of errands to run today!  We went to the bank, the car wash, the store, to get Easton's hair cut, to another store, had lunch at Brixx pizza with Amy, returned books to the library, and finally headed to the park!  The boys were great sports the whole day!

Here we are at the park!
Parker just had to ride through the mud puddle!

So...of course, Easton had to find a way to take his bike through the mud puddle, too!

We got to see 2 trains drive past which the boys always love!  They screamed "woo hoo" the whole time!

Then they decided that they didn't need their bikes to play in the mud puddle!  This of course meant that we drove home in our underwear!  Well...not me!  Just the boys!  Although, I did get wet from carrying Easton back to the car!

What a fun day! What a busy day!  Now, I have straightened the house and updated my blog! Time for a nap before the boys wake up from theirs!  I am putting off the toilet cleaning and working out till later!  It can wait!

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