Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mommy's Little Helper!

So...several weeks ago, little Parker got up from the dinner table and said, "Excuse me Momma.  I need you to get up."  I of course,  asked why.  Parker then said "bc, I need it to do the dishes!".  I then quickly decided to get up.  He then pushed the chair up to the sink, turned on the water, and scrubbed the plates clean!  I love, love, loved the help!  Plus it was sweet of him to offer!  I asked him what made him wanna do the dishes and he said that George does the dishes!  It took me a minute, but I soon realized that he was talking about Curious George.  So...whoever gave Parker that Curious George movie for his Birthday, THANKS!  I will play any movie over and over again, if it encourages any house cleaning!  Here is a picture of Parker helping me after tonight's dinner.  He is explaining to me that the cookie sheet is really dirty and that it is gonna take a lot of work for him to get it clean!

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