Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Growing Boys!

So...The boys both had Doctor's appointments last week!  They really have been gaining on those growth charts!  Parker has always been a little ole thing measuring only in the 7th percentile for most of his life.  I am proud to say that he now weighs 30 pounds and is currently in the 25th percentile!  He also increased from the 40th to the 80th percentile in height.  Little Easton, increased from the 25th to the 50th in height and weighed in at 23.7 pounds, putting him right at the 50th percentile.  Both boys checked out great and the Doctor felt that both were doing very well.  As most of you know, we have altered the vaccine schedule.  Both boys were due for a few shots on this visit.  Parker hasn't had a shot in a while.  His last one was at 18 months.  This was the first time that he actually was aware of what was about to happen, and I must say, he was very brave.  He did cry as she injected the medicine, but didn't put up a fight before hand or anything.  After she was done, he sat up and said, "why did she have to poke me in my weg?"  So cute!  Then, it was Easton's turn.  He also cried during the shots, and Parker, knowing what he was going through, sat in his chair crying for him.  He really is so protective of him.  That is, when he isn't the one being me to him.

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  1. I just peeked in to see your blog. It has put a smile on my face! Your boys are SO adorable & you're such a good mom. Be VERY proud of yourself! I'm following your blog now so "I'll be back"! lol