Thursday, September 1, 2011

Paint and Music...

So...we have come into a new issue at the Ellis household!  Easton is a litte destroyer!  Parker and Easton, most of the time, play really well together, but lately Parker has had to spend the majority of his playtime, defending his things instead of actually playing with them!  I try to explain that I cannot constantly tell Easton, no, and that he is just going to have to improvise and play around the little destroyer!  Poor little Park Park can't build a block tower without it being knocked over.  He can't line up his cars without them being pushed out of line, and he definitely can't think about drawing without Easton screaming for his markers., Parker's fun activity was to his art room...while Easton took a PEACE!

This room use to belong to Chloe, but now that she is staying with Leigh Ann, we have turned it into an art room for little Parker.  That way, he can just go in there and draw, play with his play-doh, or work on his letters and the mess stays contained. an added bonus, Easton cannot open doors yet.  Don't get me wrong, I am excited for Easton to have the chance to be creative, but all he does so far is eat the crayons!
We display all of his work on the wall of the room.
Mamma's painting!

Parker's spider painting!

Easton's fun activity was to have music class.  I turn on a "Music and Me" cd and let the kids run around playing their instruments.  Today was about listening to the difference between the slow and fast rhythms.  If it was slow, we danced slow.  If it was fast, we danced fast!  The kids loved it. We also pretended that we were in a marching band.  Parker mostly played the drums, and Easton played a little bit of everything!

Here is Parker dancing fast!

Someone got tired and needed a juice break!

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