Monday, September 19, 2011

School days!

Parker and Easton go to their school every Friday while I work.  Easton, being only 1,  hasn't really had any one specific person yet that he just plays with consistently.  He does though, always seem to be enjoying himself.  He really does so good when it comes time for me to drop him off.  He hardly ever cries, and goes straight to having fun!  I am so excited to see who he clings to in the yrs to come.  Parker on the other hand, almost always cries when I drop him off.  Always has!  I was beginning to question if he always would. was different!  He walked right in, saw his friend Parker, and went right on to playing! He and Parker are so sweet together!  I think the fact that they share the same name helped them bond almost instantly.  They call each other by their last names, too, which i think is just adorable to hear!  Here is a little picture of the two Parkers.  I just had to capture the no crying moment.  My phone died and didn't last for Easton's room.  So, next time, I will get a picture of him too!   

Nothing Like A Good Cupcake For Breakfast!

Parker and I worked together to bake some cupcakes for our small group yesterday.  Parker really enjoys helping me cook whenever I will let him!  He likes to add all of the ingredients, stir it all together, and he especially likes to TRY to crack the eggs.  That last part rarely works out well, but occasionally, I will let him try.  We had a few left over after group last night.  Easton was super excited when we walked into the kitchen this morning and saw the cupcake container.  He instantly signed for "more".  So...I figured a cupcake breakfast never hurt anyone.  Plus, we balanced this not so nutritious meal, with an extra nutritious glass of milk!
Easton seemed to be quite thankful for the yummy, not so ordinary meal!  

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