Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting Ready for Halloween!

Last week our gang headed over to Jon and Julie's house to let the boys decorate cupcakes for Halloween.  We mainly wanted to get together so that the boys could all play.  They just have so much fun with each other!  Well, once we arrived, they were so excited to see each other that neither Jacob nor Parker decorated a single cupcake.  They only wanted to play!  So...Julie and I did the decorating!  Easton and Nathan tried their best to help...and by help...I mean, eat the cupcakes!
Here is Nathan taking his pick.

 Easton decided to eat some marsh mellows instead!  Only because the cupcakes weren't within reach!

Here are a few of the cupcakes that Julie did!  She tries to pretend that she isn't creative, but she really is!

So...we carved our pumpkins last Wednesday night!  I think they turned out pretty cute considering that no one was even intersted in doing it.  Parker was very excited at first and bc we had been talking about carving them all day, and even though we wanted to back out and do it another day, we held to our promise and got everthing ready to begin. was with the first cut into the pumpkins that the excitement changed to...well...sickness!  Parker could not stand the smell of the inside of the pumpkins.  Nothing was wrong with the pumpkin!  They just smelled like regular old pumpkins!  I tried giving him a sucker to help ease the smell.  Well...that only made Easton want a sucker and lose interest in the pumpkins, too!

You can see here, that Parker did not think the sucker idea was working!  He refused to touch the pumpkins and literally cried and screamed when I made him touch the inside of one!  I just can't stand it when people are sensitive to smells!  I guess that is the nurse part of me. 
I even tried putting chap-stick under his nose.  Nothing worked.  Needless to say, I carved both mine and Parker's pumpkins.  But...he did pick out the design!

Monday, October 17, 2011

1st trip away from home without Momma and Daddy! has been a BUSY week!  We started painting the downstairs last Sunday and the work just hasn't slowed down till today!  I haven't posted at all in the last several days bc of that! of days last wk was spent at my parents house for my Dad's Birthday!  It was kinda a last minute thing, but it turned out so good!  We had a great dinner, great cake, and a great time sitting around the bonfire roasting marshmellows! 

The other big event for us was the fact that we let our boys go with Nonna and Papa to their Aunt Paulina's house all the way in Arkansas!  They left on Friday morning and didn't get home till Sunday afternoon.  It was so weird not having them around!  I kept thinking, "What did I do before I had kids?".  Before you have kids, you obviously don't know any different.  Let me tell you though, it feels odd to only be responsible for yourself after you are used to being in charge of that plus two small kids!  I woke up on Sunday and realized that I didn't have to re-clean what I cleaned yesterday!  There was no one around to make a toys to clean...only my bed to make!  It was odd, but nice.  Nice though only for a few days!  I don't think I could have taken one more day without them!  Parker on the other hand felt differently!  Once he saw me ready to pick them up, he cried bc he didn't wanna leave!  He didn't even say hi.  He just ran and cried under the table!  Easton had a better, but a gross reaction!  My mom said that he had been constipated and had not pooped the whole trip.  She had me pick up some prunes on the way to her house and almost insisted that I instantly feed them to him.  I wanted to wait one more day.  I figured it would work itself out. wasn't but five minutes later when he gave me his sigh of relief to see me and be somewhat home!  One explosive diaper!  I guess he could finally relax!  Gross, but somewhat sweet!  Here are some pictures that my mom texted me while they were away!

Looks like they had a good time! 

 Steven and I did get a lot done and also enjoyed our time together!  We went to La Loma's on Friday night and our waitress almost didn't recognize us without the kids!  Then on Saturday, we met my friend Ashley and her husband Michael for dinner and walked around downtown.  So all in was a great and unusual wkend!  And...I was glad it was over and I got to once again see my kiddos!  That is...until this morning when they woke up screaming and fighting!  I threatened to send them back to Arkansas! 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Zoo da day!

So...I thought that last Tuesday was just going to be the most perfect day for the zoo!  And what I mean by perfect, is a day that is 75, but feels like 70 bc of the shade that covers most of the zoo.  We headed there in the morning and as we got dressed, the weather app on my phone read only 48.  I of course, dress the kids in pants and a double layer top.  I have been once this past Spring and was so cold that I would have spent $50 on a sweatshirt.  (Lucky for my budget they did not have any and I just froze!)  In fear of having a repeat of that cold day, I was prepared.  Well...wouldn't you know that it heated on up to a big ole 85 degrees, was a very sunny day, and we were dressed for winter!  Other than the fact that we should have worn shorts, it was a fantabulous day!  We picked up Aunt Rachel on the way in, and we even got to stop by to see her super cute new place!  The boys really enjoyed having her come along!  I was also glad to have her company!  Although, I couldn't get a word in edge wise due to Parker's constant interruptions!  Parker even said, "Aunt Rachel! Will you please ignore my momma?". He apparently did not wanna have to share the conversation. 
 Here are some pictures of the day!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin Hunting!

Today after church, we headed to a pumpkin patch to hunt for the perfect pumpkin for each of us!  There were so many to choose from!

After the pumpkin patch we put out all of our Halloween decorations for the house. 

On Halloween night, we always have a fog machine and  Halloween music set up to add a little extra spook.  You can't see in these pictures, but we have several orange and purple lights out around the yard and blue lights facing the house.  We try not to make it too scary bc some of the trick or treaters don't like it.  We don't wanna scare them too badly!
We really had a fun day!