Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting Ready for Halloween!

Last week our gang headed over to Jon and Julie's house to let the boys decorate cupcakes for Halloween.  We mainly wanted to get together so that the boys could all play.  They just have so much fun with each other!  Well, once we arrived, they were so excited to see each other that neither Jacob nor Parker decorated a single cupcake.  They only wanted to play!  So...Julie and I did the decorating!  Easton and Nathan tried their best to help...and by help...I mean, eat the cupcakes!
Here is Nathan taking his pick.

 Easton decided to eat some marsh mellows instead!  Only because the cupcakes weren't within reach!

Here are a few of the cupcakes that Julie did!  She tries to pretend that she isn't creative, but she really is!

So...we carved our pumpkins last Wednesday night!  I think they turned out pretty cute considering that no one was even intersted in doing it.  Parker was very excited at first and bc we had been talking about carving them all day, and even though we wanted to back out and do it another day, we held to our promise and got everthing ready to begin. was with the first cut into the pumpkins that the excitement changed to...well...sickness!  Parker could not stand the smell of the inside of the pumpkins.  Nothing was wrong with the pumpkin!  They just smelled like regular old pumpkins!  I tried giving him a sucker to help ease the smell.  Well...that only made Easton want a sucker and lose interest in the pumpkins, too!

You can see here, that Parker did not think the sucker idea was working!  He refused to touch the pumpkins and literally cried and screamed when I made him touch the inside of one!  I just can't stand it when people are sensitive to smells!  I guess that is the nurse part of me. 
I even tried putting chap-stick under his nose.  Nothing worked.  Needless to say, I carved both mine and Parker's pumpkins.  But...he did pick out the design!

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