Friday, October 7, 2011

Zoo da day!

So...I thought that last Tuesday was just going to be the most perfect day for the zoo!  And what I mean by perfect, is a day that is 75, but feels like 70 bc of the shade that covers most of the zoo.  We headed there in the morning and as we got dressed, the weather app on my phone read only 48.  I of course, dress the kids in pants and a double layer top.  I have been once this past Spring and was so cold that I would have spent $50 on a sweatshirt.  (Lucky for my budget they did not have any and I just froze!)  In fear of having a repeat of that cold day, I was prepared.  Well...wouldn't you know that it heated on up to a big ole 85 degrees, was a very sunny day, and we were dressed for winter!  Other than the fact that we should have worn shorts, it was a fantabulous day!  We picked up Aunt Rachel on the way in, and we even got to stop by to see her super cute new place!  The boys really enjoyed having her come along!  I was also glad to have her company!  Although, I couldn't get a word in edge wise due to Parker's constant interruptions!  Parker even said, "Aunt Rachel! Will you please ignore my momma?". He apparently did not wanna have to share the conversation. 
 Here are some pictures of the day!

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