Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Lights!

Tonight, Nana and Ada took the boys on a special outting!
They started out with a trip to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  From my report from the Grandparents, Easton ordered the mac n cheese, and green beans, and Parker decided on Pancakes.  Easton ate almost every bite, but Parker barely ate one!  I don't know what it is with kids and food.  It seems as though my every thought is about food.  Kids don't really care though!  I can get the boys to eat only one good meal a day, and they only pick at the other two!  I wish I had that in me!

led christmas lightsThen they headed over to the campgrounds to look at the Christmas lights!  Easton really enjoyed it all!  Parker was ready to get out and play, and didn't seem to be as into them as I had hoped.  But...that is Parker for ya! 
 He can be grumpy at times!                                                               
 They then headed out to Sonic for some ice cream!  Easton and Parker apparently both grabbed some of the candy canes off of Nana and Ada's Christmas tree and ate the ice cream and candy canes together.  Nothing like a little peppermint ice cream to get you in the holiday spirit!
So...I am so thankful that my boys are able to develop these special traditions with their grandparents!  Both mine and Steven's parents try very hard to have their special days with them! I know they are young, and probably won't remember this day and how much fun they had, but...the bond that days like this creates, will never be forgotten!  Even though Parker had his grumpy moments, it was clear to me just how much he enjoyed the night after Nana and Ada had left.  Parker cried in his soft sad cry as they drove away and said, "I'm gonna miss Nana and Ada!".

Sunday, November 27, 2011

How lovely are thy branches!

Here we are posing after decorating our Christmas tree.  Steven did help decorate, too, but he injured his foot on a shard of glass from an ornament...TWICE!  What bad luck! It was actually bleeding quite a bit! So...He sat on the couch most of the time. 
Our Elf arrived yesterday!  Here are the boys getting their special package all the way from the North Pole!

The boys really did like reading the story again this year!  It is a cute one!
We named him last year, but did not write it down in the book like you are supposed to.  No one could remember what it was, so we renamed him Sneakers.
My cutie pie!

We always have so much fun picking out our tree!  Although, this yr, we were only there for about 5 minutes!  We walked in and immediately found the one we wanted!   We decorated two trees this yr.  The live one went downstairs, and the artificial one went in the bonus room.  Hopefully Easton will cooperate and not take off all of the ornaments!

Friday, November 25, 2011


Getting ready for Thanksgiving this year was such a good experience.  It wasn't at all hectic.  Everyone was helpful.  And...I didn't have to work or be on call! The kids always enjoy helping with the cooking so the food preparation that Thanksgiving brings, was fun for them! Don't they look so sweet here!  I told them that they were displaying great teamwork and that the Wonder Pets (TV characters that base their show on situation that call for working together) would be so proud!  It also made their Momma very proud!
The funny thing about this picture is that the apron says, "This Lady Can Cook"!

I thought that Easton would be in the best mood. He had taken an early nap, and had also only had a light breakfast.  I thought he would be ready to eat, eat, eat!  As you can see, I thought wrong.  This is what he did the whole time we ate!  He was not still tired...just grumpy! 

Here is Parker, eating with Jacob!  He actually ate quite a bit, but of course was ready to be done eating and to start playing with his cousin Jacob!  I told him that Thanksgiving was about eating! Not playing!  Ha ha ha! 

We ate at Randy and Susie's house this year.  We trade back and forth between my parent's and Steven's parent's houses each yr to make it a little less hectic.  It is so nice staying in one place!  The food was fantastic and the company was great!  I am not quite as good of a mom, though when we are there!  I am too consumed by my desire to chat with everyone, that I completely forget to chase my kids.  Sorry to anyone who watched my kids more than I did!  I guess that shows how much I enjoy my in-laws! 

I wanted to take more pictures, but I guess I forgot!

Monday, November 21, 2011


I was sitting here thinking about my two lovely little boys and just how blessed I have been to have such sweet additions to our family!  I cannot imagine my life without them!  I thought I would share a few pictures that have a special place in my heart with you all!
This is a video I made for Easton and Parker in hopes of capturing some precious memories of the kids.   Just in case it doesn't is the link.
Here is my sweet little Parker right after he was born!  I cannot believe that was almost 4 yrs ago!  Time goes by too fast!
Parker's hospital picture looked like he was trying to box the camera!  His lip was curled and his arms were punching the air!  I still think it is crazy that they tried to take them at 1 in the morning!  So...we took him at 5 days old to JC Penny for his first picture day!
This was the Christmas before Easton was born!  Parker looks so small to me here!  I can't believe that little Easton is now wearing this shirt!  I don't have many pictures of Parker's birth bc it was right on the brink of all the facebook stuff.  Our computer died and we lost a lot of our downloaded pictures!  Luckily we did print all of them!
Here I am heading out to the hospital to have Easton!  I was so excited to meet my new little boy!
I love this picture! We were all so excited!

Here I am in the middle of a contraction and Rachel thought that this would be a good time to take a picture!  Considering I was going through childbirth naturally, I can't believe I even smiled!
Sweet boy!  I love you sooooo much!

 Easton at 4 wks!
Here we are at Rachel's college graduation!  It was our first out of town trip with two little ones!  It went so well!  Having two was so easy when Easton just slept through everything!  Now he is a little bulldozer that destroys the house!  Lucky for me, Parker also enjoys being a bulldozer and I have two times the mess! But...I love every crazy minute and wouldn't trade them for anything! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boys in my shoes???

So...what is it about my shoes that the boys love so much??? Shoes have honestly become one of Easton's favorite things!  If he sees a pair, he instantly says his version of the word "on" and insists that I assist him in getting them on his feet!  My mom, unfortunately, lost a pair of his tennies. When I picked up a new pair at Walmart a few wks ago, Easton clapped as I put them in the cart.  That was before he made me put them on him in the store!  The lighting in the room is not the best for pictures, but I did my best to capture the boys in their mommy attire! 

Here is my long legged little model!  He looks so girly as he stands here in high heels that it almost makes me laugh!  He is just so skinny!  Skinny and cute!  Sorry again for the underwear picture!  He was wearing his footed pj's, but had a hard time wearing shoes with them.  So...of course...the pj's came off! 

The funny thing is, Steven's basketball shoes were in the room, too, but neither child wanted to wear the big boy shoes!  Just the heels!

Monday, November 7, 2011

One Leafy Day!

So we have developed a yearly tradition that almost every kid enjoys...jumping in the leaves!  Steven will blow them all into one big pile and then we let the kids go crazy!
 Here is my sweet Park Park!  Isnt' he getting so big?

Please don't criticize my no makeup look!  It was a lazy day!

This is Easton's first year to truly enjoy what a treat leaves can be!

Can't you tell he is having fun!

Sweet smile!

And what would our leafy day be, if we didn't at least try to ride the bikes through them!  We definitely need to get Parker his own bike for Christmas!  Thanks Nana and Ada for letting us borrow yours!  We really need to get that back to you!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Halloween brought lots of fun and way too many treats!  We did something different this year and went trick or treating in our friends from small group's, (Marcie and Nick's) neighborhood.  We have always just stuck to our own subdivision, but thought it would be more fun for all of us to go with other kids and parents.  It was definitely a good decision!  The neighborhood was full of people sitting on their front porches ready to hand out candy, a whole area with several bouncy houses and slides for all kids, and lots of great company!  Marcie and Nick had everyone over for some pre-trick or treating treats!  All of which were delicious!  There is nothing like decorated sugar cookies!  My favorite!  We started this fun experience though with a special stop at Nana and Ada's house!  It was a perfect way to start the evening!  Nothing like a huge handful of candy from the grandparents to pump up the adrenaline and need for more! 
Now...introducing...the two scariest dragons alive!  One is hiding behind a plant in this first picture!

Easton looked like a little pro!  He didn't need any help!  He just walked on up to the houses, held out his basket, and walked away once he got his share!  So sweet!  Once he found a candy in someone's yard.  From then on, he did a mini-search as he exited the yards just to make sure he didn't miss one.  Their were some times too when someone would put a piece in his bucket and he would go ahead and stop and get it back out.  It was as though he was saying, "I think I will have this now!"  So sweet!

 Parker really enjoyed himself, too!  He at one point, turned around at someone's doorstep and yelled back to us adults that this was the best Halloween ever!!!  He loved it! 

The adults dressed up, too!  We both went as things we had been in the past.  Costumes can be so expensive.  I was a very warm whoopie cushion, and Steven was a pirate!