Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boys in my shoes???

So...what is it about my shoes that the boys love so much??? Shoes have honestly become one of Easton's favorite things!  If he sees a pair, he instantly says his version of the word "on" and insists that I assist him in getting them on his feet!  My mom, unfortunately, lost a pair of his tennies. When I picked up a new pair at Walmart a few wks ago, Easton clapped as I put them in the cart.  That was before he made me put them on him in the store!  The lighting in the room is not the best for pictures, but I did my best to capture the boys in their mommy attire! 

Here is my long legged little model!  He looks so girly as he stands here in high heels that it almost makes me laugh!  He is just so skinny!  Skinny and cute!  Sorry again for the underwear picture!  He was wearing his footed pj's, but had a hard time wearing shoes with them.  So...of course...the pj's came off! 

The funny thing is, Steven's basketball shoes were in the room, too, but neither child wanted to wear the big boy shoes!  Just the heels!

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