Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Lights!

Tonight, Nana and Ada took the boys on a special outting!
They started out with a trip to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  From my report from the Grandparents, Easton ordered the mac n cheese, and green beans, and Parker decided on Pancakes.  Easton ate almost every bite, but Parker barely ate one!  I don't know what it is with kids and food.  It seems as though my every thought is about food.  Kids don't really care though!  I can get the boys to eat only one good meal a day, and they only pick at the other two!  I wish I had that in me!

led christmas lightsThen they headed over to the campgrounds to look at the Christmas lights!  Easton really enjoyed it all!  Parker was ready to get out and play, and didn't seem to be as into them as I had hoped.  But...that is Parker for ya! 
 He can be grumpy at times!                                                               
 They then headed out to Sonic for some ice cream!  Easton and Parker apparently both grabbed some of the candy canes off of Nana and Ada's Christmas tree and ate the ice cream and candy canes together.  Nothing like a little peppermint ice cream to get you in the holiday spirit!
So...I am so thankful that my boys are able to develop these special traditions with their grandparents!  Both mine and Steven's parents try very hard to have their special days with them! I know they are young, and probably won't remember this day and how much fun they had, but...the bond that days like this creates, will never be forgotten!  Even though Parker had his grumpy moments, it was clear to me just how much he enjoyed the night after Nana and Ada had left.  Parker cried in his soft sad cry as they drove away and said, "I'm gonna miss Nana and Ada!".

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