Sunday, November 27, 2011

How lovely are thy branches!

Here we are posing after decorating our Christmas tree.  Steven did help decorate, too, but he injured his foot on a shard of glass from an ornament...TWICE!  What bad luck! It was actually bleeding quite a bit! So...He sat on the couch most of the time. 
Our Elf arrived yesterday!  Here are the boys getting their special package all the way from the North Pole!

The boys really did like reading the story again this year!  It is a cute one!
We named him last year, but did not write it down in the book like you are supposed to.  No one could remember what it was, so we renamed him Sneakers.
My cutie pie!

We always have so much fun picking out our tree!  Although, this yr, we were only there for about 5 minutes!  We walked in and immediately found the one we wanted!   We decorated two trees this yr.  The live one went downstairs, and the artificial one went in the bonus room.  Hopefully Easton will cooperate and not take off all of the ornaments!

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