Monday, November 21, 2011


I was sitting here thinking about my two lovely little boys and just how blessed I have been to have such sweet additions to our family!  I cannot imagine my life without them!  I thought I would share a few pictures that have a special place in my heart with you all!
This is a video I made for Easton and Parker in hopes of capturing some precious memories of the kids.   Just in case it doesn't is the link.
Here is my sweet little Parker right after he was born!  I cannot believe that was almost 4 yrs ago!  Time goes by too fast!
Parker's hospital picture looked like he was trying to box the camera!  His lip was curled and his arms were punching the air!  I still think it is crazy that they tried to take them at 1 in the morning!  So...we took him at 5 days old to JC Penny for his first picture day!
This was the Christmas before Easton was born!  Parker looks so small to me here!  I can't believe that little Easton is now wearing this shirt!  I don't have many pictures of Parker's birth bc it was right on the brink of all the facebook stuff.  Our computer died and we lost a lot of our downloaded pictures!  Luckily we did print all of them!
Here I am heading out to the hospital to have Easton!  I was so excited to meet my new little boy!
I love this picture! We were all so excited!

Here I am in the middle of a contraction and Rachel thought that this would be a good time to take a picture!  Considering I was going through childbirth naturally, I can't believe I even smiled!
Sweet boy!  I love you sooooo much!

 Easton at 4 wks!
Here we are at Rachel's college graduation!  It was our first out of town trip with two little ones!  It went so well!  Having two was so easy when Easton just slept through everything!  Now he is a little bulldozer that destroys the house!  Lucky for me, Parker also enjoys being a bulldozer and I have two times the mess! But...I love every crazy minute and wouldn't trade them for anything! 

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