Friday, November 25, 2011


Getting ready for Thanksgiving this year was such a good experience.  It wasn't at all hectic.  Everyone was helpful.  And...I didn't have to work or be on call! The kids always enjoy helping with the cooking so the food preparation that Thanksgiving brings, was fun for them! Don't they look so sweet here!  I told them that they were displaying great teamwork and that the Wonder Pets (TV characters that base their show on situation that call for working together) would be so proud!  It also made their Momma very proud!
The funny thing about this picture is that the apron says, "This Lady Can Cook"!

I thought that Easton would be in the best mood. He had taken an early nap, and had also only had a light breakfast.  I thought he would be ready to eat, eat, eat!  As you can see, I thought wrong.  This is what he did the whole time we ate!  He was not still tired...just grumpy! 

Here is Parker, eating with Jacob!  He actually ate quite a bit, but of course was ready to be done eating and to start playing with his cousin Jacob!  I told him that Thanksgiving was about eating! Not playing!  Ha ha ha! 

We ate at Randy and Susie's house this year.  We trade back and forth between my parent's and Steven's parent's houses each yr to make it a little less hectic.  It is so nice staying in one place!  The food was fantastic and the company was great!  I am not quite as good of a mom, though when we are there!  I am too consumed by my desire to chat with everyone, that I completely forget to chase my kids.  Sorry to anyone who watched my kids more than I did!  I guess that shows how much I enjoy my in-laws! 

I wanted to take more pictures, but I guess I forgot!

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  1. Well, I'm all caught up on your family activities. lol I read all the way back through Halloween & your outing without the kids & their outing without mommy & daddy. Your boys are so darn precious! I enjoy reading about them & seeing all the pictures. They're such cuties! Thanks for sharing! :) AND "no way" should you apologize for the no make-up picture! If most of us looked "half" as good as you without make-up, we'd thank our lucky stars! You're gorgeous with or without make-up!! I'm so glad you enjoyed your time off with the family. Happy Thanksgiving!