Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our visit with Santa~2012!

So...I guess I must be threatening the idea of being on the "good" list a little too much lately, bc Parker was not looking forward to seeing Santa this year.  He apparently thought that there was a good chance that he was on the naughty side, and did not want Santa to confirm his toyless Christmas!  We went to Indian Lake where we go every yr.  Santa has always been so good with the boys and today, was probably the best yet!
Easton went first and did very good!  He held onto Steven for dear life at first, but pretty easily went to see Santa.  He of course, either didn't take his thumb out of his mouth or had his grumpy look, but still was much better than I expected!  But...the minute Parker sat on Santa's lap, they both started crying.  Parker has never cried with Santa!  Even when he was only 9 months old, he just smiled lovingly at him!  I really do think he was nervous about his Christmas fate!  He crawled down and looked at Santa and said something that Santa has probably never heard before...."I am sorry I kicked your elf!".  The reason though, that I just love this Santa is because of how good he is with getting the kids to open up.  Santa then told Parker that "it was okay,  things happen, and that sometimes Rudolph even likes to kick his elves"  He then said that if Rudolph kicks an elf, then the elves inevitably start a snowball fight!  Parker thought it was so funny and felt relieved to hear that Santa had forgiven him.  And...just in case you are wondering, the elf that Parker kicked was just our "Elf on the Shelf" who Parker named Benny Sneakers...not a real elf at Santa land!  Anyways...Parker then excitedly told him all that he wanted for Christmas!  Easton just sat there with his thumb and told Santa through E.S.P. what his wishes were!  They were both super cute and I was so thankful it turned out so well! 

We finished off the night with such a satisfying meal from Cracker Barrel!  All of us ate SOOO much food!  The kids were so sweet, quiet, and ate wonderfully!  It was such a needed, wonderful, Christmasy night!

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