Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wilson County Fair

I somehow got extremely lucky today, and did not have any patients to see.  Steven had a few yards to cut this morning, but was done by 11:30.  We had the whole afternoon to do whatever we wanted together!  Yea!!! We decided to take advantage of this unusual occurence and spend our Saturday the Wilson County Fair!
We all had so much fun, but there really wasn't much for little Easton to do.  This was the only ride that he was big enough for! 
He had lots of fun as you can see by his expression!
They had a very nice tractor exhibit! 

 They had a few animals to see, too!  Parker rode this miniature donkey...for $5!!!  Easton was yet again, to small for this ride! :(

 Parker played a dart game and knocked out 3 balloons! 

 Way to go Parker!

Playing against Daddy!

 Parker loved this ride!  Can you believe Easton was still too small for this ride, too?

Here he is, just wishing he was a few inches taller.  He wanted to ride those 4wheelers so badly!!! 


Parker got a little car painted on his cheek. This was even for free!

This was a great way to spend the day!  So glad we went.  It was a little expensive, and a little hot, but it is always nice doing something unusual!  There were quite a few rides that were still to big for both of the boys!  We are excited to go back next yr when both boys are able to do just a little bit more! 

Now we are off to take another bath and then to bed for a family movie!  After we get done watching House Hunters of course! :)

Splish, Splash, Takin a Bath!!!

Both of our boys have always loved, loved, loved their bath time!  If they hear either Steven or me in the shower/bath, they are naked in an instant, and are doing their best to climb in! 
Easton knows only 3 words in sign language...1-more, 2-eat, and 3-bath!  If we walk into the bathroom, he starts signing to get in!  The sign for bath is to pretend that you are scrubbing your belly up with soap.  He will rub his belly all over and then try to hike a leg over the tub just to make sure we know what he wants! 

Parker likes to pretend he is swimming, play with his bath toys, and even wear his snorkel gear in the tub!   His new trick is to float on his back!  Parker though, does not like to get soap anywhere near his eyes.  He will scream like a girl and beg for a towel!  Talk about dramatic!  Overall though, he does well with washing his hair. 

Last night, after just arriving home from, I head into the bathroom for a potty break.  The kids of course follow me in.  We hadn't even been home for 2 minutes and the boys are climbing in the tub.  Steven hadn't even made it in from the car yet.  To his surprise, he came up the stairs to find them soaking up the suds, playing boats, and relaxing!