Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some Fun Times!

 We have been up to lots of fun the last few weeks!  Brooks enjoyed some time visiting his cousins in his adorable Christmas suspenders!
 I mean, can he get any cuter?  Steven says he looks like he is ready to go chop down a tree!   I think I agree!
 Brooks also has had some fun in his swing!  He loves that thing!  Great investment if I do say so myself!
We had fun taking silly pictures!
 And for your enjoyment...another cute suspenders picture!

 And Parker and Easton thought it would be fun to give/get a haircut!  I can't believe that Parker took away Easton's adorable long locks and chopped them into craziness!
See all the chunks missing?
 But...all is well!  His new do turned out pretty well!
 We spent Thanksgiving in Michigan!  Had a blast!  And yes!  That is Gaga on the table.  Hard to believe that she used to look like this... started to snow right before we left Michigan!  Too bad we didn't get the chance to sled or ski!  Oh well!  Maybe next time!
 Now Mom!  This is a picture you can use as your profile picture!
Brooks has also started eating a little baby food!  He really is enjoying it all too!

 Now I don't think that this would be considered fun, but it is at least funny!  Parker tried to buckle Easton in his seat.  Looks more like a straight jacket to me!
 And yes...another cute picture of the Brookster!
So...these were just some pictures that were already uploaded to blogger.  Thought that I would at least share them!  We are all currently down with sinus infections.  Brooks even has RSV.  He is improving (I think), but it is touch and go.  I really thought that he would end up being hospitalized, but today has given me hope that he is on the mend.  We go to the doctor tomorrow to find out if he is in the clear.  I have also started working full time at Hendersonville Medical Center!  Orientation and the Holidays have both kept me super busy!  Especially since I have been fevered most of the time!  Anyways...I am hoping to get back into the blogging routine one of these days soon!  I will at least post some pictures of all of our Holiday gatherings and Christmas soon!  I am truly hoping that the new year brings "routine".  I could seriously use some monotony around here! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

A little bit random!

  Kind of a random post, but thought I'd fill you in on a few things we have been doing around here!
We have enjoyed some time at Hoppity-hop!

 We have enjoyed some good ole Starbucks Christmas blend coffee!
 Parker was soothing Easton because he had just got in trouble.  They may fight a TON, but they sure do love each other!  And...I love to watch them be sweet!
 Brooks tried out the big boy swing while his brothers jumped in the leaf pile!  I think he liked it!
 Parker finished up his soccer season!  This is his friend Jaxon!  They already knew each other from Kindercare so it was neat to have a friend on his team.  Hudson from our church group was also on his team!  It was great!  Except, I sometimes got into trouble by Steven for ignoring him and talking to the other moms I knew!

 It was so neat watching Parker this season!  He really did so well!  He isn't a pro or anything, but he makes me proud!  Plus, he would usually score a few goals each game!  His team didn't win a single game all season, though!  It was a great lesson in just playing for fun! 
 Easton and Parker have begun fighting over who gets to hold Brooks first.
 More brotherly love!
 Sweet smiley boy!
Halloween was lots of fun for the boys!  We met up with our friends from church and headed out to several houses.  The boys would barely wear their masks, but I was able to catch a few pics with them on.  I felt a little rushed for some reason this year and didn't even take one single picture of Brooks in his costume.  In my defense, he was fussy and didn't really even wear his costume, but for a few minutes.  But...I still feel guilty!
 Steven's Birthday is Oct 30th.  I can't believe he is 31 now, and that we have been together for 14 years almost!  Time flies!  Every year I love him more and more!  He amazes me all the time!  He is a great husband and father, and I am truly blessed!
 We celebrated by going to a local pizza place with his family.

 The boys and I spent all day baking for his day.  These are called whoopie pies and they are delicious!  Parker and Easton had so much fun helping me cook that I am getting them an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas!

And finally...the leaf pictures.  They had an okay time.  Not nearly as much fun for them this year for some reason.   Who knows kids are finicky...that's for sure!'s been a fun few weeks!  I am hoping to start blogging more often now that I have downloaded this app that helps my pictures load a million times faster!  It makes things so much easier!  In fact, I wasnt' even planning on actually posting anything tonight. When I saw how easy it was though, I couldn't resist.   I'll have to tell you about Mrs. Sonia in my next post!  We have crossed paths, and I know my house and family both will be forever changed!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Has it been a month??? Really???

So...I cannot believe that it has been a whole month since my last blog post!  Time flies when you are having fun, I guess.  And fun is what we have had!  The most recent fun was spent in good ole Louisville, KY!  Steven had a lawn care convention to attend, so we headed to the Louisville Zoo...which was wonderful!  Now our zoo, is much prettier, but their's has cooler animals for sure!

The boys went swimming that night at the hotel!  It was very cold, but I think they still had fun!  They told everyone about it so I guess they at least made some memories!
We had originally planned on going back to the zoo the next day.  I knew we had two days to fill while Steven and his dad were at the expo center so I purposefully split the zoo days in two.  I expected it to be much cooler on Friday and brought the boys sweatshirts and such.  Little did I know though, that it would also rain.  So plans were rearranged!
We decided to all go to the Louisville Slugger Museum.  Once I said we were heading there, Steven and Randy skipped the expo for a few hours and joined in!

 Steven even hit some balls at the batting cage there!  I was surprised to see he still had it in him!  He was sore the next day though!

 It was hard at this point, getting everyone to sit still for a picture.  Even Brooks was fussin!
The boys also got to take a turn in the "Small Ball batting cage".  They loved it! 
We also took a tour of how the bats are made.  They gave us each, even little Brooks, our very own mini-slugger.  Which I am sure, will be used just for that...slugging each other. Steven and I call the mini-weapons, not bats! 
We then headed to the the Bowling alley!  I did something majorly wrong to my back and honestly could not assist much with this activity.  Bowling was our only option so I decided to let the boys fend for themselves.  Easton did pretty good picking up the ball on his own.  Oh...and they didn't have ramps like we do here.  So...they did it ALL by themselves while I held Brooks and just watched.  I'm glad we made it out with all 10 fingers and 10 toes! 
We made it home in time to join Susie for some good ole Mexican at Casa!  Surprised?  I didn't think so!  You know we love our Mexican food!  Anyways...I got to end the night with a massage!  Mrs. Sonia's (our nanny)  hubby is a massage therapist and met me here at the house at 8:15 on a Friday night to help ease my pain!  It was wonderful!  A great end to a wonderful weekend!