Thursday, January 12, 2012

So...I have not been myself lately!  Barely doing any blogging, facebooking, or even checking my e-mail.  I am usually so addicted to all of those things!  I blame it on this little new baby I have! Most of it comes from the fact that I had to keep my excitement about the whole situation in for several weeks!  All I wanted to do was shout it to the world that I AM PREGNANT!  Keeping such joy a secret is so hard to do!  It was all that I wanted to blog about!  The only status update, I wanted to post!  I kept saying to myself, just wait a few more wks and you can tell your story!  Usually, I don't even wait a wk to let the world know, but this time, I had more fear.  More and more people I know have had miscarriages.  I was so carefree with my first pregnancy.  Nothing bad could happen!  Now, a little older, and more friends "trying", brings about more of a reality that sad things can happen!  So...long story short, I made it a whole 5 wks, keeping the secret from my blog and the facebook world!  We told close family and friends at Christmas time though! Now, I will be 10 weeks along on Sunday.  Still early, but Steven and I have heard and seen the little baby's heartbeat at this point, and we feel "safe" now to blog about our story".  Here it goes!

Many of you may know that it took us several years to conceive our first child, Parker.  A very frustrating time, but completely worth the wait!  With Easton, I had hoped that things would be easier and that my body would know what to do.  Two months later, we announced that I was indeed pregnant again.  So, this time, I felt pretty confident that when we wanted to have our third, and start trying in JANUARY, it would be simple.  Well, apparently my body has long gone away from the months of ovulation kits and negative pregnancy tests.  This time, it was not even one month, not even one wk, but only one rainy day to conceive this little one!  If you know me, you know that I LOVE being pregnant, and the thought of having another child consumes me.  If there is a chance that I could be pregnant, I talk about it nonstop, take an early detection pregnancy test nearly every day till mother nature makes her visit.  I did remember that rainy day and knew that it could be a possibility, but did not even think about it this time.  I do also remember thinking, "accidents don't happen to us so don't even get excited!  I made it to my expected day for mother nature and nothing happened.  Believe it or not, I made it 3 days past that.  I had a pregnancy test on hand, (I should have stock in pregnancy tests), but didn't even feel the need to take it yet!  I only decided to take it because, the day before, I ate at 9:00 and was starving at 11:00, and had a small episode of nausea that night.  So...I took the test.  I cannot express to you how much I thought it would be negative.  I took my time brushing my teeth and hair, walked over to the test and almost hyperventilated with excitement when I saw the two pink lines!  I was literally shaking and talking to myself!  Steven was at breakfast with his Dad, so I knew I couldn't call and tell him yet.  I did reveal my secret to my 2 best friends!  I had to have someone to celebrate with!  It was so much fun waiting to tell Steven till that evening after work!  He know something was up, because I was extra giggly!  I remember even tickling him in the hallway! I had Parker walk into the bonus room and hand him the test! Parker had no idea what it was, and even tried to use it like a marker for a minute while Steven and I were distracted my our new conversation.  Steven was a little surprised, but said he kinda had a feeling bc of my episode of hunger and nausea the day before.

So...needless to say, it was somewhat of a surprise, but such a blessing!  We are soooooo excited!!!  The due date is August 12th.  And even though we will be very busy parents of a 4 yr old, 2 yr old, and a baby, we cannot wait for the craziness to begin!

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