Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tents and Bowling!

My Aunt Jennifer gave the boys each a tent, sleeping bag, and pillow for Christmas!  Let me tell you!  Words cannot express how much fun they have had playing in them!  Parker camped out in his for 3 days straight!  Thanks to Aunt Jennifer for the nice surprise!
 Parker kept making silly faces every time I'd try to take a picture!

So...Then Easton started with the craziness!

 Tonight, we decided that we all needed to get out of the house.  $46 later, we had a great night of bowling and a surprisingly good dinner at the new and improved Hendersonville Strike and Spare!  Bowling was actually priced well!  It is just that this pregnant gal had to have a hamburger, cheese sticks, and a sprite.  I probably spent 12 of the $28 from dinner on myself!

Cutie pie!


Here is Parker waiting to "catch" the bowling ball!  I think it was his favorite part!

We really did have a fun night!  Even though this winter has been mild, it has been very rainy.  Sometimes, you go a little stir crazy sitting inside watching the rain fall.  Plus...I think it is good to begin making a habit of "fun outings" as a family.  I want both of my boys to know that you can always have fun with family!  Bowling was worth every penny!

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