Thursday, February 23, 2012

My "LOVES"!!!

I have been wanting to post some pictures of some of my favorite things in life!  Certain things just make me smile no matter what, and I want to remember all of these moments forever!

For example:  There are several things about this picture that I love!  I LOVE how EVERY time( morning, day, or night) I go to get Easton out of his crib, he immediately grabs his dolly and favorite pillow!  He WILL not get out of the crib without these two things.  The second thing I look forward to seeing every day, is Easton's crazy hair!  His hair is so frizzy/fluffy!  He reminds me of a mini version of a fraternity brother who had a rough night!  The fact that he is super clumsy in the morning time, and that he somewhat looks a little drunk, is probably why I think of a frat boy!

Here is a Christmas present that Santa brought to Parker!  He loves to pretend to be just like Daddy!  Both boys love their bath time and now both love to "shave"!  So sweet!  I love that the boys have such a great dad to imitate! 

I have several more things about each day that I love!  Some of them, like my daily coffee routine, I have already posted about.  Others, will be posted as I can capture them.  I know one thing I look forward to every night is our Movie in Mamma's bed.  We cuddle in around 8pm for a "boy" movie as Parker calls them.  It is a great way to end the night.  The boys settle down.  We get to spend quality time together.  And...the best part is...the house stays clean if we are all in bed!

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