Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday!

Our Super Bowl Sunday was lots of fun!  Steven had a mulching job he had to do most of the day, so the boys and I headed over to my parent's house to spend the day.  When we arrived, my dad was working in the yard.  The boys had to join in on the fun.  Here they are watching their Papa.

This may not be totally true, but I think my Dad just likes to find a reason to use a big tool.  One of my biggest memories of my Dad, is that he used to carry a machete EVERY time we went in the yard.  He would cut a path here...cut a path there.  Today...he was making their ditch bigger with a pick-axe. worked, but like I said, he likes to use his tools.  Here are the two burly boys with their pick-axe!

And Parker-roo!
My Mom is good at several things, but there is one thing in particular that she does very well!  I call it...the Sneak Attack!  She always says enticing things to get you to do something, and then once you are on your way, she throws in the bad news.  Today is a great example.  I went over to spend the afternoon thinking that we would relax, have coffee, watch TV, etc.  Oh no!  I get there and there are approx $200 of groceries on the counter...all to cook today.  We made 2 types of Mexican dip, spaghetti, corn chowder, pineapple-upside-down cake, and hot wings.  Not to mention the pre-made foods that she also bought.  How can 2 people need all that?  My mom just likes to cook I guess.  Anyways...I was stuck making the wings.  I don't even eat wings!  My mom didn't even have a deep fryer so it took FOREVER!  But, they turned out delicious from what I hear!

The boys enjoyed some cartoons while we cooked!
Anyone notice the very large BEAR in the front seat?  My parents sent this home with the boys!  They love it!  Parker has a way of unknowingly saying things that sound like cuss-words.  For example:  He likes to say Bam-it would he makes something go fast.  This time, he insisted on naming the bear, Silly Puck.  I tried to convince him of several other good bear names, like "Poe" from Kung-fu Panda.  My mom tried Fuzzy Wuzzy the Bear.  Nope...his name is Silly Puck! we are...back at our house...enjoying the game and some pizza.  Steven planned on getting some cinnamon dessert stuff from Papa Murphy's, but they were all out.  They did have their Smores pizza which apparently is their best seller!  I am so so thankful that this was our only dessert choice!  It was DELICIOUS!  I ate 4 pieces by myself!  Easton enjoyed it, too!  That is chocolate all over his face...and hands...and even the back of his neck!  Thank goodness for baby wipes!

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