Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's SOCCER time!

So our little Parker is playing his first team sport!  He has been waiting to join a team ever since he watched his cousin Jacob play soccer a few yrs ago!  If I ever have any fuss over wearing a certain shirt, I usually win him over by telling him that it is a team shirt!  Once I say that the shirt says something like "team captain" or "#1 player", he puts it on without a problem!  Now he has his own, lime green, #4, PARKER team shirt! 
 His team is the Green Lanterns and they are super super good!  I thought that they would all dilly-dally around the field, but not this team!  They are super serious and undefeated x 3 games.  I know they are only 4, and points don't matter, but they keep winning like 6 to 1.  Parker gets right in there and plays along well.  He did have a few moments after half time the first two games, where he was a little on the "done" side.  This last game though was without any "ready to go home" moments.   I think he is getting use to a whole 25 min of playing. 

It is funny though how much he reminds me of me.  He wants to be the "teacher's/coaches pet" and is always hugging all over them both!  He is super talkative, but listens pretty well, too!  The first practice, he was so competitive and thought he alone "won practice".  The second practice, he tackled a boy for the ball and showed his coach how to properly stretch.  I know that being on a team, with other kids and adults, is going to be almost as good for him as being in school.  He is having such a good time, and Steven, Easton, and I are, too!  I am such a loud Mom...cheering the whole entire time!

 Easton has been so good during practice and the games!  He just sits back and watches while he eats the snacks I packed!  I can't wait for him to be able to play, too!  He will love it just as much as Parker is!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birthday! Take Two!

Don't ask me why this picture is sideways!  It is making me so mad that it won't turn!
Since we celebrated the boys' Birthdays on Easton's actual Birthday, we wanted to do something special on Parker's also!  Easton got to open up his gift from us Saturday, but we made Parker wait till Sunday to get his.  We wanted to get him a big boy bike, but knew we'd get in trouble if we didn't let him pick it out.  You know kids and their quick mind changes.  One minute he likes Spiderman best. The next minute it's Transformers.  So...he decided on the super cool Hotwheels bike that even makes an engine noise!

While we were at Toys R Us, Easton and Parker each got a Birthday crown and balloon!  They were super excited and it was just another thing to make them feel like it really was their special wkend!

The boys are members of the Barnes and Noble book club and also received a Birthday coupon for a free cupcake from the Starbucks bakery there.  We stopped by and picked out a vanilla cupcake!  It was delicious!  I know because I stole several bites!

We then decided that we would attempt to go to see a movie.  The last movie we saw was The Lion King and it did not go well for me and Easton.  I ended up walking Easton around outside of the theater the whole time.  This time was a complete success!  We thought we were going to be even luckier and have the entire theater to ourselves, but the last 5 minutes of previews brought in 5 other families.  We saw the Lorax, which we all really loved!  We ate the biggest thing of popcorn and shared the biggest coke!  It was such a fun day!
 This one won't turn either!

My routine every night is to sing the boys to sleep with lullaby's.  It was so sweet on Saturday and Sunday both bc instead of our normal songs, I sang the Happy Birthday song. I mentally reminisced about the day they were born, the way I felt when I first saw them, and just how much joy they have brought to our lives since those wonderful days!  Happy Birthday my sweet boys!

Blow Out the Candles!

Group photo!

This year we celebrated Easton's 2nd and Parker's 4th Birthday at the First Baptist Church in Hendersonville!  They have a huge play-place and party room, and the kids all seem to really enjoy it there!  It was such a fun, stress free party!  The attendants do anything and everything you need!  I didn't even have to set up the decorations! was very inexpensive!  Parker is really into Angry Birds, and Easton loves Mickey Mouse.  Even though they share the party, we try to do their own themes and cakes to make it feel special.  The party was from 9am-11am.  I was worried that this would be too early, but it was wonderful!  The kids were all fresh and ready for fun.  We had coffee and bagels from Panera for the adults, and cake and ice cream of course for all!   I really think I will do early parties from here on out!
We forgot to take a picture
of the cakes, but here is a little
shot as they were being served. 
 Parker's is on the right, but the
 angry birds have already been
removed!  Oh well!
Papa and Parker!

Gavin and Garrett!

Amy, Kristen, and Marcie...
(girls from our small group).

Cousin Jacob!

Cousin Houston!

Friends Hudson and Miley!

Houston and Cousin Nathan! 
Nathan doesn't look too
 happy here, but I promise he had fun!

Friend Boston swinging away!

Friend London!  Pretty Smile!

Aunt Rachel and Easton!

Nathan!  See!  I told you he had fun!

Friend Rylee...

Parker and Boston!

Say "cheese"!

Marcie and me!

Getting ready to blow out
the candles!

Closest picture to a family photo!  I am really making sure that they don't put there hands or face in the cake!

Parker eating ice cream!

Rylee and Amy!

Where's my cake?

We decided that it would be too hectic to open gifts for two at the party.  We took them back to the house and opened them there.  The boys got great things and had a wonderful time!  It really was nice opening things calmly.


At last year's party, we did a pinata.  Parker loved the idea, but hated that he was not the one to bust it open.  For the rest of the year, if I mentioned the boy's name that did bust it, Parker would say.  "Zachary broke my pinata".  So...I figured, since it was their special day...I'd get a pinata just for them.  And...guess what!  Parker busted it after about 15 minutes of trying!  It was the strongest $10 pinata I have ever seen!  Now...when Easton starts to care about being the one to bust it open, I guess I'll have to buy 2 pinatas!  My Spoiled little boys!
Easton taking a swing!

Parker taking a shot!

They day was absolutely wonderful!  My only regret is not getting a family picture!  We really are so thankful for all of our friends and family, and are especially happy that everyone got to share in their special day!  Nothing makes a day better than sharing it with those we love!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a fun SUMMER March!

So, I decided to spend the entire day yesterday outside!  I loaded up the laundry basket full of fun items.  Parker was thrilled to see it all!
The boys enjoyed playing bubbles!  Easton spilled a few container fulls, but luckily we had a big refill container to keep the fun going!

Parker and Easton made me lots of food!  They love playing chef and seeing my reaction to all of the tasty items on the menu. 

      More bubble play!

Parker drew this for his daddy!  Here is a picture of a 6-eyed-snake! is his girlfriend...the 7-eyed-monster!  Please also notice the freshly painted pink toenail in this picture.  I was very excited to be able to paint my nails while the boys wee occupied.  Now I'm ready for these flip-flop wearing days!

Today's fun school lesson was a scavenger hunt!  I made a list of items to find.  Parker didn't need any help.  I was surprised he knew what my drawings were, but he did.  He also did well with finding the correct amount. 

Here is the list.  I couldn't do anything too challenging bc I didn't know if we had 10 of anything around the yard.  He found it all!

We also...believe it or not...ran through the sprinkler!  It was warm enough, but still a little cold when the wind would blow.  So...the boys put on their windbreakers and had a great time.  I am definitely going to enjoy this summer! 
After the sprinkler, we grilled out for dinner, ate in record time, and still made it to a Birthday party for Miley-Kate on time!