Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birthday! Take Two!

Don't ask me why this picture is sideways!  It is making me so mad that it won't turn!
Since we celebrated the boys' Birthdays on Easton's actual Birthday, we wanted to do something special on Parker's also!  Easton got to open up his gift from us Saturday, but we made Parker wait till Sunday to get his.  We wanted to get him a big boy bike, but knew we'd get in trouble if we didn't let him pick it out.  You know kids and their quick mind changes.  One minute he likes Spiderman best. The next minute it's Transformers.  So...he decided on the super cool Hotwheels bike that even makes an engine noise!

While we were at Toys R Us, Easton and Parker each got a Birthday crown and balloon!  They were super excited and it was just another thing to make them feel like it really was their special wkend!

The boys are members of the Barnes and Noble book club and also received a Birthday coupon for a free cupcake from the Starbucks bakery there.  We stopped by and picked out a vanilla cupcake!  It was delicious!  I know because I stole several bites!

We then decided that we would attempt to go to see a movie.  The last movie we saw was The Lion King and it did not go well for me and Easton.  I ended up walking Easton around outside of the theater the whole time.  This time was a complete success!  We thought we were going to be even luckier and have the entire theater to ourselves, but the last 5 minutes of previews brought in 5 other families.  We saw the Lorax, which we all really loved!  We ate the biggest thing of popcorn and shared the biggest coke!  It was such a fun day!
 This one won't turn either!

My routine every night is to sing the boys to sleep with lullaby's.  It was so sweet on Saturday and Sunday both bc instead of our normal songs, I sang the Happy Birthday song. I mentally reminisced about the day they were born, the way I felt when I first saw them, and just how much joy they have brought to our lives since those wonderful days!  Happy Birthday my sweet boys!

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