Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's SOCCER time!

So our little Parker is playing his first team sport!  He has been waiting to join a team ever since he watched his cousin Jacob play soccer a few yrs ago!  If I ever have any fuss over wearing a certain shirt, I usually win him over by telling him that it is a team shirt!  Once I say that the shirt says something like "team captain" or "#1 player", he puts it on without a problem!  Now he has his own, lime green, #4, PARKER team shirt! 
 His team is the Green Lanterns and they are super super good!  I thought that they would all dilly-dally around the field, but not this team!  They are super serious and undefeated x 3 games.  I know they are only 4, and points don't matter, but they keep winning like 6 to 1.  Parker gets right in there and plays along well.  He did have a few moments after half time the first two games, where he was a little on the "done" side.  This last game though was without any "ready to go home" moments.   I think he is getting use to a whole 25 min of playing. 

It is funny though how much he reminds me of me.  He wants to be the "teacher's/coaches pet" and is always hugging all over them both!  He is super talkative, but listens pretty well, too!  The first practice, he was so competitive and thought he alone "won practice".  The second practice, he tackled a boy for the ball and showed his coach how to properly stretch.  I know that being on a team, with other kids and adults, is going to be almost as good for him as being in school.  He is having such a good time, and Steven, Easton, and I are, too!  I am such a loud Mom...cheering the whole entire time!

 Easton has been so good during practice and the games!  He just sits back and watches while he eats the snacks I packed!  I can't wait for him to be able to play, too!  He will love it just as much as Parker is!

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