Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a fun SUMMER March!

So, I decided to spend the entire day yesterday outside!  I loaded up the laundry basket full of fun items.  Parker was thrilled to see it all!
The boys enjoyed playing bubbles!  Easton spilled a few container fulls, but luckily we had a big refill container to keep the fun going!

Parker and Easton made me lots of food!  They love playing chef and seeing my reaction to all of the tasty items on the menu. 

      More bubble play!

Parker drew this for his daddy!  Here is a picture of a 6-eyed-snake! is his girlfriend...the 7-eyed-monster!  Please also notice the freshly painted pink toenail in this picture.  I was very excited to be able to paint my nails while the boys wee occupied.  Now I'm ready for these flip-flop wearing days!

Today's fun school lesson was a scavenger hunt!  I made a list of items to find.  Parker didn't need any help.  I was surprised he knew what my drawings were, but he did.  He also did well with finding the correct amount. 

Here is the list.  I couldn't do anything too challenging bc I didn't know if we had 10 of anything around the yard.  He found it all!

We also...believe it or not...ran through the sprinkler!  It was warm enough, but still a little cold when the wind would blow.  So...the boys put on their windbreakers and had a great time.  I am definitely going to enjoy this summer! 
After the sprinkler, we grilled out for dinner, ate in record time, and still made it to a Birthday party for Miley-Kate on time!


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