Monday, April 9, 2012


We literally got out of bed and headed outside!  The boys were still in their pj's!  Parker got this super huge Angry Birds shirt from the Easter Bunny!  Please also note the very cute tool belt that he got from Aunt Leigh Ann for his Birthday!  I think he feels special!
So...we have a small area in the front yard that is kinda empty.  I have in the past, bought a few plants from Lowe's to plant, but they of course have never lasted long.  So...this year, I decided to do something different.  I...well the Easter Bunny...bought some flower seeds.  I thought that it would be much less expensive and fun for the kids.  I think that they will really enjoy watching them grow from start to finish.  The countdown has already begun.  Tomorrow, we are determined to find a place for some watermelons.  Then the countdown will really be on!  We all love watermelon!  Here are some pictures of the morning planting experience!

Easton found his Easter basket and got preoccupied with
eating the candy.  He did help cover the seeds back up with

This smile cracks me up! 

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