Thursday, April 12, 2012


So...the rest of the week has been very successful!  Parker's attitude seemed to be tamed with a good night's sleep... I have felt very motivated...And little Easton, sweet Easton, has been whiny, but only for moments.   I have tried very hard to get up a little earlier than normal to allow for some "me" time (Although, sometimes sleeping is the best kind of "me" time), and have also been really good about cleaning up right before bed.  Those two things seem to help.  It just makes the morning easier when you wake up to a clean house.  It is funny how just having the kids in the bonus room with Steven speeds up the cleaning.  I get things done in about 30 min.  Of course, I have been tidying up as we go during the day, and also cleaning during nap time.  But at when I do the bigger stuff.  Like cleaning the toilets, dusting, folding laundry, etc.  Tonight is dusting night.  Fun times are ahead!

Anyways...this whole thing has been fun for us all.  Today, I have done so many things with the kids!  We read several books, played a new board game, played marbles, cars, colored a GIANT picture, and even fought off all the monsters and dragons that apparently reside in our home.  It is so cute to watch the boys and their imaginations!  Even little Easton can bring down the meanest of invisible creatures!  You should see his little karate moves! 

Now...I have always played with the kids so most of this isn't new.  It is just different now, bc I am not stopping to do housework and such.  I am paying attention.   Like REALLY paying attention.  Not the I'll be there in a minute kind, but the be there before it even happens kind.  Anyways...even though it is hard to explain, it is working so far.  Although...the true test will be tonight.  We have soccer practice again.  Here's to hoping I walk back to the car joyful and not a basket case of tears!

Oh-Easton has slept in his big boy bed for 2 whole nights so far.  Maybe the transition to Parker's room won't be as hard as I thought!

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