Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beach Days!

Let me say, I am a little surprised at just how much the boys enjoyed the beach!  I knew they would have fun, but it seemed like they couldn't get enough!  My Mom and I woke up and started almost every day with a cup of coffee on the beach while the boys played.

And when I say boys...that means all of the boys.  My Mom and I mostly sat and watched.  My Mom sat because she couldn't get out of the chair without falling, (a sign of her age we joked), and I sat because...well...I'm almost 7 months pregnant!  :)

I really am joking...we all made several trips down the shore and even spent some time building sandcastles.  Of course...we all took turns chasing the kids!  I really was super happy with the fact that I got to spend some time relaxing.  Not that Easton or Parker gave my parents much choice...they preferred playing with them over me...and I welcomed the peace!  If my Dad or Mom sat down, Easton would say, "Papa!  Come on!", would grab him by the hand and take him where he wanted to go.

 Easton's only regret was that we didn't go to a nude beach. He did all he could to be naked. We at least were able to keep a swim diaper on him most of the time. He came home with a speedo tan line!

If we didn't start the day at the beach, we ended it there!  Here are some other fun random pictures from our fun-filled beach days!  And...notice how pretty the color of the water was! 

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