Sunday, May 13, 2012

Peach Park is a Park???

We are just getting back from our lovely vacation at Blue Mountain Beach.  We had an absolutely AMAZING time, and I have so much to post.  I think I am gonna post each day individually.  So here goes day 1...the ride down to FL!

Who knew that Peach Park is an actual park!  We have stopped there several times as the mid-way point to Destin, and I have until this wk, thought it was only a delicious ice-cream shop/fruit market.  Leave it to the 2 and 4 yr olds to find the hidden playground. 

Peach Park was a great mid-way stop once again!  The boys had ice cream with fruit and also shared a hot dog.  They played on the hidden grounds of fun, and we all got to stretch our legs!  I am glad to be keeping the Ellis tradition of stopping at this fun place going!  So are the boys!

We had left about 6:30 am, and arrived to our vacation home around 3:45.  Not too bad of a trip.  Easton woke up from his afternoon nap early, and was a little grumpy for the last hr.  Overall, he did really well!  Parker decided that Alabama is not a good state because it is "too long".  We decided that Alabama could be relocated somewhere else and we could go straight from TN to FL!    Luckily Nonna and Papa had arrived ahead of us and had already gotten the keys.  We got to head straight to the house!  We went to the beach "straight ahead" as Parker says.  That means right away!   I didn't expect to get started with the sand quite so quickly, but with 2 rowdy boys, you can't wait for anything!  They don't let you!  It was a fun way to start the vacation!

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