Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nonna and Papa's house is always lots of fun!  We enjoy it for lots of reasons!  We love the seeing them both and spending time together, but we also love the cool things we can do out in the "country".  Last week, both boys enjoyed picking all of the garden goodies.  They have so much from just a few plants, that they can barely keep up with the picking!

 Easton was sad to find out that a tomato is not an apple! This was before he took a bite out of one!

 Parker, as usual, likes to play any electronic game.  He loves to get tucked away in the hammock and play, play, play!

This past weekend we spent both Friday and Saturday night out there.  It was so relaxing!  It was nice not having any set agenda!  We drank coffee on the balcony overlooking the pool, ate at Riverview for lunch, and of course went swimming.  All of those though, do not have pictures to show the fun we had. 
The pool time is always so busy.  I can't believe I haven't taken a single picture of us by the pool there! 
Below are a few other things we did!
 Steven went out for a run.  We followed behind him in the golf cart.  He was a little hard to keep up with!  Parker just had to run with him!  Isn't this such a sweet picture?
 We played a little bad-mitten.
 And a little golf.

We always have so much fun at both Grandparent's houses.  We are very lucky that the kids have the opportunity to spend so much time with both sides of the family! 

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