Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So...we got home from Florida on a Sunday, and headed out to Michigan the Sunday after.  My cousin Demi had an open house after graduating high school, and we wanted to be a part of the celebration.  Of course, we had to miss the actual open house (bc of my work schedule), but got to at least spend some quality time with the family.  Steven had to stay back at home for work, so that meant I had to drive the 12 hr drive all by my lonesome! and the kids of course.  I was absolutely amazed at how well the kids traveled.  I thought surely after just making a long drive to Florida that they would not be up for it again.  We made several stops along the way to ease our restless legs, but still even surprisingly made great time!  We stayed till Thursday morning.  There was a lot of fun in between! Here are just a few pictures of the boys having fun.  I was horrible about taking pictures on this trip...but here is what I have.

Riding with his cousin!

All of the Great-Great-Grand kids with Grandpa Smith!

Easton loves babies!  Good news for us, since he will
have a baby brother here in August!  He demanded to
hold little Weston!

Parker loved talking with Grandpa!  He would just
randomly go in and check on him and fill him in on his
activities for the day!
Playing with the chickens!

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