Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend of fun!

 So...Saturday we invited ourselves out on Aunt Leigh Ann and Uncle Bob's boat.  Easton can't quit talking about boats ever since vacation!  In order to get some relief, we have been taking them to the boat dock to just look around, but it has never been fulfilling enough for any of us.  So...out on the pontoon we went! 

 The boys brought their fishing poles and had fun trying to catch a fish.

 We snacked lots!

 We swam some.  It was a little awkward for me with my big belly and a life jacket that didn't really fit because of it.  Easton and Parker were both a little timid of the lake water, too which made things even more challenging from time to time.  
I am so tired of spending time trying to rotate my pictures!  I am giving up.  It doesn't even look sideways in my album, but once I upload it to my blog, sideways it is! 
Anyways...we had lots of fun, and really enjoyed being out with the Fohrd family!  Thanks guys for letting us barge in on your boat fun! are some pictures of us at the drive-in. We saw Madagascar 3 on Friday night up in Franklin, KY. It was really cute, and the boys had lots of fun!  We will definitely do it again!


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