Monday, July 30, 2012

More Summer Fun!

One of the great things about being let go from my job last May is that I now have free wkends to fill with things other than charting and seeing patients!  It has almost felt like we have been on several mini vacations!  We all have really and truly looked forward to every single Friday!  Being pregnant and so busy has definitely got me behind on my blogging though.  So, here are a few things we have done!

 We made the trip up to Beech Bend Park on a super 106 degree hot...Sunday!  We had bought buy one get one free tickets which made the day even more enjoyable knowing we got a good deal!  I don't know if the heat had scared people away or what, but it was not crowded at all!  We didn't have to wait for a single ride!

 It was so hot that the attendants had to place towels in the seats of the rides so that the kids could actually sit without getting their butts burned.  The boys didn't mind at all!
 Believe it or not...Parker was the one scared to do this slide. the look on Easton's face...he was terrified!  This picture cracks me up every time!

 And of course, they all loved the go carts!

 The water park section was PERFECT!  The kids all loved the slides and the water was the perfect temperature!
 Everyone had so much fun!
 The great thing too, was that the drinks were free!  Which was wonderful on a hot day!
 We have also spent many days out by the pool!  The pictures below are ones from my Mom and Dad's house.  It is hard to juggle the camera with all the wet stuff around, so I really haven't taken many pool pics this summer!  But...let's just say, my two boys are water bugs!  Parker took some time getting used to the water, but now is doing wonderfully! 
Easton is like a little fish, and his little laid back attitude really comes out in the water!

There isn't anything this little gal can't or won't do.  She is a fish as well!  I think she started Parker's gain of confidence in the water.  She showed him how easy and fun it can be to be brave!

These pics were at Hoppity Hop!  The boys love bouncies! 

Here are the kiddos bowling!  They are doing a special this summer where kids can bowl 2 games free every day for the entire summer.  You only have to pay for their shoe rental.  The only bad thing is, it takes forever for 3 little ones to bowl just one game!  I was worn out!  Needless to say, we have only been once. was fun for the kids!

Easton won!  Sophia 73...Parker 74...Easton 88!

And as you might have seen in an earlier post...we have been playing lots of tennis!  I can't believe how well all of the kids do at this sport!  And...they all LOVE it!  I am excited for a little bit cooler weather where we can all really enjoy getting out on the courts in the evenings!
Here is the little pro again!  She is like a sneak attack snake.  You think you are taking a little girl to try to play tennis, and she ends up giving Steven a lot more exercise then he thought! has been a fun filled summer!  I am hoping to fill these last few weeks with even more exciting things!  Today though...may be spent going on a walk.  We need little Baby Brooks to join in on the fun!  I'll keep you posted on that part!

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