Friday, July 13, 2012


Cousin Sophia came up for a visit from Arkansas.  We all had been counting down the days until her arrival! The boys could not have been happier on the day we actually got to take her home for a full 2 wks!  She traded back and forth between mine and my Mom's house!  We filled the days with lots of fun activities.  It was fun for the boys and really neat for us adults having an older child around!  She was super helpful, and so much calmer than my two crazy boys!  I could see us eventually adding a fourth little in 4 yrs!  Nothing soon, if even at all!  But...the thought did honestly cross our minds a few times! 
I took several pictures on my regular camera, and several on Steven's phone.  For some reason, Steven's phone isn't automatically uploading the pictures like it normally does.  So... I will do a second post with some more of our "Sophia" pics later. 
 From the moment she arrived, the kids insisted on sitting in the back seat all together!  This was a difficult task considering my hands could barely fit in between each seat to buckle them!  Not to mention that my big belly could barely even fit in the back in general!

The kids also insisted on playing tennis on one of the hottest days ever!  I was surprised at how well this went!  Sophia was a little pro and my boys barely fought over anything!
 Who knew a kid could get so dirty on a tennis court!

This picture was from the Freedom Festival!  Hendersonville does their July 4th celebration on the 3rd.  It was nice bc it means that no one has to stay up late doing Fireworks and then wake up early for work the next morning.  They had an area full of bouncy houses and slides!  The kids really seemed to enjoy this even after going to Hoppity Hop already that morning!  Hoppity Hop is a building full of bouncies!  I'll post pics of that later.

Here are the kids waiting for their face paint!
Easton after his face painting session!
Picture with his momma!
Parker making a silly face!
Say cheese!

Getting ready to watch the Fireworks!

After getting home!  Nothing like baths and settling in with a movie!

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