Friday, August 24, 2012

So there is one thing about boys that I have learned that you cannot skip out on...boys must play outside everyday!  I cannot wait till we can afford some land so that I can let them roam and play free, but until then...the park will do! They had a blast here.  This was Monday at Saunders Ferry Park.

 Baby Brooks and I just hung out on the giant towel.  It was such a nice day out!

 Look at their lashes!  Why can't girls be blessed with those?

These boys fight all the time, but really do love each other!  They even try to do time out together.  Easton, believe it or not, was in time-out for putting grass in Parker's hair.  I don't think he learned his lesson, seeing as how he continues to put grass in his own hair!

 They played cannon attack with hedge-apples!
 These pictures below are of us today at the Indian Lake Green way...

 Again...little Brooks and I hung out on the giant towel.  I brought my kindle and read a little bit while the boys played.

 We had a very nutritious picnic lunch from McDonald's. 

 Parker caught a little frog.  Easton refused to hold it.  Probably a good idea bc he probably would have squashed it!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Baby Brooks!

Whole...Utterly fulfilled...Completely in love...Amazed! 

   Words that only begin to express the total joy I felt on the day you, my baby Brooks, were born!  There are very few days of my life that have such meaning.  There are very few days that you wish were only possible to experience 1,000 times over again.  Very few days that you love to re-tell!  And even though you know that you have already reported the chain of events to almost everyone close to you, you rejoice in the opportunity to explain it all EVERY detail!  In general, there are very few days as special as the day you deliver and meet your child.
  With the deliver of all of my kids I can almost recall every minute, every thought, every fear, pain, contraction, and moment of encouragement from family and friends.  A day of more clarity does not exist than on those 3 most special days. 
Meeting you, baby Brooks (that is what we are calling you) was no different than the initial Birthdays of my other 2 precious boys.  It was filled with the same happiness and joy!  The magnitude of love I felt (and feel still) is impossible to explain.

   I know as a child, I heard my Mom and Dad say "I love you", a million times, but until I had children of my own, I did not understand the depth of those words.  I am sure my kids will be the same as me, and for a long time (probably not until they are Dads themselves), will not know just how much they mean to me.

   So...little Brooks...please try to understand...that I love you more than life itself!  Meeting you was an experience that I will truly cherish forever and always, and there is nothing I wouldn't do for you.  You fulfill me in ways that I cannot express and make my heart almost explode with greatfullness!  My life was once again changed at 12:36 that wonderful August day!  I am so excited to see how your personality develops, simply watch you grow into the beautiful person I know you will be, and to see what great things God has in store for you!  It has been only 8 days since our eyes first met, but you have been written in my heart forever!  I love, love, LOVE you!  Just do me a favor and don't grow up too fast! 

   And just in case you readers are wondering... Yes, I am going to re-tell Brooks' birthday story for you also.  Just not tonight because it is 9:30pm, and I need to get prepared for those frequent night-time, newborn feedings. post.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

39 weeks and waiting!

So...I am only 4 days away from my due date!  Anxiously awaiting to see my baby's little face, feel his fingers wrap around mine, and hear his first little cry!  I should have known that these last few weeks would be mentally challenging for me!  They always are!  I guess I kinda thought that I have learned a little more patience, but I think I am still the same ole excited momma wanting and waiting to hold her little boy!  It is so exciting to know though, that within the week, we will finally meet our precious little Brooks! 
I had my last Dr.'s appointment yesterday. 
 I could have easily been induced today.  I so wanted to say yes and schedule my 6 am arrival at the hospital, but I couldn't do it just yet!  As I waited for the Dr. to see me, I listened to my IPod and thought about what I would say when he asked me my plan.  I looked out across the parking lot and thought about so many things.  This could be my last pregnancy.  Don't rush.  Enjoy a few more kicks to my belly.  Wear that dress you only wore once.  You may never have a big belly again or wear a maternity outfit.  Don't rush.  Enjoy the surprise arrival when he decides it's time.  So...I am not saying no completely to being induced.  I may go for it on Friday, but I knew an August 7th Birthday was not meant to be.  So....for now....I still wait...still think about the possibility of him coming on his own.  I so pray that he does! wore that dress!