Friday, August 24, 2012

So there is one thing about boys that I have learned that you cannot skip out on...boys must play outside everyday!  I cannot wait till we can afford some land so that I can let them roam and play free, but until then...the park will do! They had a blast here.  This was Monday at Saunders Ferry Park.

 Baby Brooks and I just hung out on the giant towel.  It was such a nice day out!

 Look at their lashes!  Why can't girls be blessed with those?

These boys fight all the time, but really do love each other!  They even try to do time out together.  Easton, believe it or not, was in time-out for putting grass in Parker's hair.  I don't think he learned his lesson, seeing as how he continues to put grass in his own hair!

 They played cannon attack with hedge-apples!
 These pictures below are of us today at the Indian Lake Green way...

 Again...little Brooks and I hung out on the giant towel.  I brought my kindle and read a little bit while the boys played.

 We had a very nutritious picnic lunch from McDonald's. 

 Parker caught a little frog.  Easton refused to hold it.  Probably a good idea bc he probably would have squashed it!

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